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Elizabeth Warren is pushing to be Joe Biden's Treasury Secretary

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pushing to be Democrat Joe Biden's Treasury Secretary if he wins election next week over President Donald Trump. 

Politico reported Thursday that Warren is positioning herself for the job, according to three sources in her inner circle, with two of them saying, 'She wants it.' 

The move would both invigorate progressives and annoy Wall Street, with some naysayers saying that it could spook a precarious market, in particular the bond market.  

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, photographed in March during her own presidential run, wants to be Democratic nominee Joe Biden's Treasury secretary if he wins against President Donald Trump Tuesday, Politico reported Friday 

Democrat Joe Biden could excite progressive Democrats by picking Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his Treasury secretary if he wins the election, but the choice could also alienate Wall Street and rock the financial markets 

Warren, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator, dropped out of the race in March and endorsed Joe Biden in mid-April. 

At his rallies, Trump often blames Warren for helping Sen. Bernie Sanders, another progressive candidate, lose the nomination to Biden, who's considered more moderate. 

Trump claims Warren didn't get out of the race earlier enough - thus splitting the progressive vote. 

Since the conclusion of the Democratic primary, Warren has become an economic adviser to Biden. 

The Biden-Harris campaign is also deploying her on the campaign trail. 

She's heading to New Hampshire on Saturday to stump for the Democratic ticket. 

'It's five days out, we're focused on the election and encourage everyone else to be as well,' Warren spokesperson Kristen Orthman told Politico, refusing to confirm what the senator's allies are saying anonymously. 

During her bid for the White House, Warren talked to potential Democratic voters about implementing 'big structural change,' which makes leading the Treasury Department alluring. 

But she was overlooked to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she created, by President Barack Obama in 2011 because it would have been a tough Senate fight. 

Democrats, however, have a good chance of taking back the Senate, if they also nab the White House. 

The balance of the Senate, however, could be a calculation for Biden because Massachusetts' Republican governor would get to pick Warren's replacement if she became a member of his cabinet. 

Democrats in the Massachusetts' state legislature out number Republicans two-to-one, so could change the rules so GOP Gov. Charlie Baker has to pick a U.S. Senate replacement from the same political party. 

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