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Elite private girls' school unladylike muck-up day 'Scavenger Hunt' is revealed

Students at an elite private girls' school in Sydney have been encouraged to perform vulgar acts as part of a 'Scavenger Hunt' for school leavers. 

The tasks were allegedly written by graduating students from Pymble Ladies' College, on the city's upper north shore, for a muck-up day challenge.

A leaked document appeared to encourage the girls to perform varying levels of sex acts and embarrassing dares to score points for their team. 

Tasks encouraged girls from the $33,000-a-year school to 'eat someone else's vomit', 'get arrested' and 'have sex in a public bathroom', 7NEWS reported. 

Graduating students at elite private girls' school Pymble Ladies' College (pictured), on Sydney's north shore, allegedly created a vulgar muck-up day challenge 

Other challenges included 'streaking across the Pacific Highway' and 'blindfold boyfriend guess whose t*** are who for everyone in the team'.  

The unladylike list also asked students to 'order a stripper and enjoy his/her presence', 'get with someone's brother' and 'go into a brothel and ask for a job'. 

Sending a 'group photo' to specific teachers, inking a 'PYMBLE' tattoo or getting a face piercing was worth 100 points. 

The 'God tier' level of challenges also included 'ring parent and explain in depth how you lost your virginity' and 'meet up with someone' from LGBTQ dating app Grindr.     

A spokesperson from Pymble Ladies' College said muck-up day activities were against school policy and students had been warned of the consequences. 

'We are horrified and disappointed that any student would have their name associated with what was apparently a competitive list between students at a number of schools,' the spokesperson said.  

The 'Scavenger Hunt' required girls to divide into teams and perform a variety of sexual and illegal acts in order to score points (Pymble Ladies' College pictured)

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Pymble Ladies College for comment.     

A similar scavenger hunt was also organised as part of a muck-up challenge for the elite Shore School on Sydney's lower north shore. 

The 'official rule and challenge book' - created by students in a PDF document - revealed they planned to meet between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday at Waverton Park for the series of 'treacherous' challenges. 

The school leavers would then be split into teams of five or six before carrying out a series of tasks to compete for points.  

Students from elite private boys' school Shore, in Sydney's lower north shore, also attempted to complete a controversial challenge named the 'Triwizard Shorenament' (pictured)

The school is among the top ranked in New South Wales and regularly features impressive Year 12 results

The rule book stated all participants from the $33,000-a-year school were required to chip in $10 and the team who gathers the most points would be awarded the total cash prize.   

Before starting the challenges, the groups would be required to finish a case of 30 beers in 15 minutes. 

The competitors would then be given seven hours of 'hunting' from 6pm to 1am. 

There were more than 150 challenges listed in the scavenger hunt rule book and the tasks range in difficulty.   

One challenge called the 'Pakistan Sacrifice' read: 'Eat two laxatives and a Phaal Curry (spicy curry) from Lavender Bay Curry. 

'Warning: Will be s***ing all night and probably will want to die.'

Another challenge was dubbed the 'trifecta spit' which included a 'spit roast', spitting on a homeless man and jumping off the Spit Bridge.

For 10,000 points, students could 'get on a plane to Melbourne'.  

There were more than 150 challenges listed in the scavenger hunt rule book and the tasks ranged in difficulty. The 'Beta' difficulty (pictured) was deemed the easiest for competitors, with five to ten points up for grabs for each task

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