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E-scooters are banned at night during year-long trial in Newcastle

E-scooters have been banned at night from a city centre – less than a fortnight since they were introduced.

Yesterday, Newcastle council said the new fleet of 250 electric vehicles faces a curfew from 11pm to 5am following complaints people were driving them while drunk.

The scooters were installed two weeks ago in a council push to encourage greener transport options. 

A man on an e-scooter was spotted speeding along a busy dual carriageway and weaving through traffic at 50mph

Children were also seen on the vehicles despite rules that riders must be over 18 and have a driving licence

But within days, residents raised safety concerns about people racing in the middle of the night, weaving through traffic and driving recklessly on pavements.

Children were also seen on the vehicles despite rules that riders must be over 18 and have a driving licence.

Local Avril Deane said: 'They are riding on the pavements, none of them are wearing helmets. 

'We are all supposed to be socially distancing but you see two people on a scooter. It's putting everyone at risk.'

The night-time ban comes after police arrested six men on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol on Thursday.

Graham Grant, the council's head of transport, said another person has been banned and at least four others were under investigation.

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