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Driver confronts another with an axe during an argument in the middle of a west London road

Video footage captured the moment a man confronted another driver with an axe as they argued in the middle of traffic on a west London road.

The two men were filmed by a witness in Isleworth and the clip was later shared to Twitter on July 29. 

'I just pop down to the shop to get some milk', said the filmer. 

Two men were filmed arguing in the middle of an Isleworth street in west London on July 27

The man in the blue shirt grabbed an axe from the passenger seat of his car as he confronted the other driver 

The video showed the drivers blocking each other in the middle of the road before they made their way out of their cars to start yelling at one another. 

Cars began honking as the men started shouting expletives. 

It was not long before the man in the blue shirt grabbed an axe from the passenger seat of his car. 

The man in the striped shirt backed away in shock as the other driver held the axe.

'Call the police he's got a hatchet!', the man yelled. 

The men continued to argue with the driver telling the man with the hatchet to put it away. 

Cars began honking at them as they stood in the middle of the road shouting expletives at one another 

The man in the striped shirt backed away as the other men held the hatchet 

The men parted ways as they got back in their cars to get out of the way of traffic 

The men then parted ways and got back into their cars to get out of the way of traffic.

The video has 11,000 hits with many viewers also in shock at the event. 

One viewer said: 'Sorry, did he pull an axe out of his car?'

'Yeah mate, absolute madness', the filmer responded. 

Another said: 'Hope you like bars mate? Prison time for that! What rational person pulls an axe out in that pathetic situation?' 

No one was harmed as a result of the incident.

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