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Drive-in cinema event saved after organisers arrange portable toilets

A drive-in cinema on the English-Welsh border will be able to show its planned Halloween movie after it installed temporary toilets. 

Officials at Chester FC wanted to screen a number of movies over the half term but were thwarted by the Welsh lockdown rules - as the club's toilet facilities are over the border in Wales. 

To circumvent the problem, the club has hired in a number of temporary toilets so cinema goers have facilities to use if they require them during the movie.  

A drive in cinema planned for Chester FC's car park has been saved after organisers arranged portable toilets because the venue's existing facilities could not be used as they are located across the Welsh border where strict lockdown rules are in place 

Without the temporary toilets the organisers were going to have to cancel the event

In a statement, organisers said: 'Thank you so much for the support (and puns) over the last few days as we have tackled one of the more strange and surprising problems of lockdown - toilet-gate.

'We are as determined as ever to bring some much-needed joy and would be devastated to cancel and disappoint our bookers.

'So we now have a plan. We will be providing portaloos so customers can have a wee without breaking the law.' 

The cinema event is being run by Storyhouse who said movies will run at a reduced capacity so none of the cars will need to be parked in Wales confirmed that the even will run at a reduced capacity - allowing for all cars to fit on the English side of the border.

They added: 'For most bookers, this means everything is going ahead for you as you planned.

'For some bookers, this means disruption to your event. All bookers have been contacted by email.'

The event kicks off on Halloween with a two screenings of spooky 1993 classic, Hocus Pocus.

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