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Dolly Parton sparks 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' photo challenge

Dolly Parton has sparked a new photo trend among celebrities after poking fun at a how people project different versions of themselves on various social media platforms.

The Tenessee-born singer, 74, took to Instagram and Twitter yesterday to share a collage of mock-up profile pictures of herself for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Adhering to the premise of each different virtual community, she joked: 'Get a woman who can do it all!'.

Celebrities such as actress Jennifer Garner and presenter Ellen DeGeneres were quick to get in on the act and share amusing profile pictures for each social media platform.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at the best collages so far...  

Working it 9 to 5: Dolly Parton's LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder profile pictures. The singer's Tinder profile was the most raciest, with the Jolene hitmaker posing as a Playboy bunny in a black bustier, fluffy tail, pink sparkly bow tie and mesh sequin tights

Quick to catch on: TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres was one of the first celebrities to take up the trend, sharing her four fake profile pictures to Instagram. For her Instagram profile, she shared a snap of her with Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel

Fit and active: Rather than a revealing shot, Jennifer Garner decided to opt for an outdoorsy photograph for her mock Tinder profile (pictured bottom right). She then sported all the glam in her elegant Instagram snap

Giving it her all: Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth shared her version of Dolly Parton's collage on Instagram along with the caption: 'Dolly Parton is my favorite trendsetter. Which one are YOU today?! Comment below!' 

Eye-catching: British model and TV personality Kelly Brook ensured she turned heads with her photo collage - opting for a daring bikini snap as her Tinder profile picture. However, the radio host was ridiculed for spelling LinkedIn incorrectly (top left)

Funny man: US television host Conan O'Brien poked fun at each social media platform with amusing photographs of himself, especially for his Instagram and Tinder profile pictures. The former showed him enjoying perhaps just one too many seemingly alcoholic beverages, while the latter captured him topless

Her best sides: American actress Kerry Washington was inspired by Dolly Parton to show the different sides to herself. For an Instagram profile picture, she opted for a glamorous multicoloured gown, while her LinkedIn was all business, with the star sporting a suit

Looking good: American television talk show host Andy Cohen proved he'd still got it at the age of 51, sharing two topless snaps of himself for his fake Tinder and Instagram profiles

Showing off her fun side: Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran shared this collage of fun snaps along with the caption: 'You can have it all, just not all at once!'