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Dog waves at shoppers visiting a supermarket in Brazil

This is the fascinating moment a friendly dog raises its paw and waves at shoppers outside a supermarket in Brazil.

Footage captured in Catanduva, Sao Paulo, shows the canine patiently sit outside the supermarket and politely greet customers as they enter or exit the store.

The dog eagerly waits for customers to approach before raising its paw and attempting to wave in their direction.

The friendly dog raises its paw and waves at shoppers outside a supermarket  in Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The canine patiently waits for customers to enter or exit the store before offering them a wave

As shoppers pass the friendly canine, some stop to give the animal a gentle stroke on the head.  

The filmer told Viral Hog: 'I filmed a little dog waving goodbye to everybody exiting the supermarket.'

Following the heartwarming scenes, viewers took to social media users to applaud the dog.

One social media user wrote: 'I absolutely cannot handle this I'm nearly crying right now.'

While another added: 'Aw bless how bloody rad (sic) are dogs.'

Another person said: 'We don't deserve dogs.'

Meanwhile another viewer joked: 'He needs to get paid!'   

The dog offers a wave in the direction of a shopper before she offers the dog a gently stroke

Customers watch in awe as the little dog greets them outside the store in Brazil

Social media users shared their praise for the canine, with some saying he 'needs to get paid'

According to experts, a dog's paw lift can be a signal of anticipation, curiosity or uncertainty about a situation. 

Canine's may attempt to lift their paws and wave if they anticipate a treat may be received or that something good may follow the gesture. 

In some circumstances the gesture may also be accompanied by a tail wag and could be a sign that the dog wishes to attract the attention of others.

The lifting of a front paw can also be a sign of stress, fear or uncertainty about a situation and can be used by dogs if they feel insecure or threatened. 

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