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DIY-enthusiast reveals how she covered the cracks in her patio for only £100 

A DIY-enthusiast wowed with her beautiful patio makeover, which she completed on a budget of £100.

Chloe Alexandra, of Leeds, revealed how she used masonry paint, a stencil, a make- up brush and a make-up sponge in order to complete the project. 

She shared pictures of her patio before and after on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group. 

People were astonished by Chloe's 'labour love' and applauded her painstaking work. 

Chloe Alexandra, of Leeds, revealed how she used masonry paint, a stencil, a makeup brush and a makeup sponge in order to completely transform her patio for only £100

Her patio, which was once cracked and stained with patches of white paint, is now beautifully adorned with what looks like tiles, but is in fact a design she painted on to the cement with a stencil. 

'Cost me under £100 for a completely transformed patio,' Chloe wrote in a post accompanying her pictures.

She explained she used masonry paint, a stencil from Dizzy Ducks and some Thomspon's water seal.

'I didn’t fill the cracks first. Main one can still be seen, rest have been disguised,' she added. 

Before the makeover, Chloe's cement patio floor was covered in paint stains and bore large cracks 

The DIY explained she did not fill in the cracks and that the biggest one was still visible. However, she concealed the lesser ones 

In a further comment, she revealed she used a make-up brush and sponge to dab the paint onto the stencil in order to finish the beautiful pattern.

She explained she first painted the patio floor white using the masonry paint. She then used the stencil to paint the design she had chosen in blue. 

'I mixed white and black masonry paint together to make a really dark grey,' she said.

'I got a roller tray and dipped my make-up sponge in the paint then dabbed it around the tray until there was not much paint on the sponge then started dabbing the stencil. 

Chloe explained she used a stencil and makeup accessories to paint her floor. The 'labour of love' took 15 hours to complete 

'When I ran out of paint I just kept dabbing the paint from the tray until I needed to add more to it,' she added.

People were deeply impressed with Chloe's efforts, with some saying her new patio looked 'fabulous.'

'What a transformation,' one said, while another praised her 'brilliant job'. 

'That looks fab bet it took some hard work,' one wrote. 

'Looks wonderful, well done,' said another.  

Fellow DIY fans applauded Chloe for her hard work and gushed at how good her patio floor looked 

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