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Disgraced sex addict Hillsong pastor who assaulted his wife reveals how he reinvented himself

A disgraced former Hillsong church pastor claims he is 'stronger and happier' than ever after launching a new church. 

Pat 'Pasquale' Mesiti created Reborn Ministries for churchgoers who have lost their way amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The church on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and features online Sunday sermons hosted by the 60-year-old, whose life fell apart in 2016. 

The self-confessed sex addict was caught sleeping with prostitutes in Darlinghurst and was stripped of his authority to preach in the Hillsong church.

Former Hillsong church pastor Pat 'Pasquale' Mesiti (pictured with wife Christine) has launched Reborn Ministries

Mr Mesiti (pictured with Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a sex addict who assaulted his ex-wife and was banned from Hillsong

He also pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-wife Andrea, which he said left him considering taking his own life.

'In 2016 I lost everything — my marriage, my business, important relationships, my home, my family, my life, my reputation,' Mr Mesitis said in a video on the Reborn Ministries website.

'I thought suicide was the only option. I thought I had nothing to look forward to. God doesn’t break us, he builds us.

'I’ve come back. I’m stronger, I’m in a happier place.'

Mr Mesitis launched Reborn Ministries on June 12 with his new wife Christine, with his teachings aimed at worshippers looking to 'regain their sanity' in the world.

'Put the broken pieces of your life back together to regain your sanity in this crazy, mixed up, hectic world and meet like-minded people… So you stop feeling lost and distracted and get back on track,' he says in the video. 

The popular money making seminar host told The Daily Telegraph he was looking to help people who suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic get back on their feet. 

'Many people lost their jobs, their business and, sadly, many lost their life and loved ones. Our online ministry called Reborn Ministries.tv has been set up simply to help people navigate life through this difficult season,' he said.

Mr Mesiti's new church is aimed at churchgoers who have lost their way amid the coronavirus pandemic

Mr Mesiti pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-wife Andrea (pictured together) in her northwest Sydney home in 2016

'We are not a church. My passion has always been to help people.

'Having walked through that valley myself, I understand the struggles of mental health, loss, grief, financial struggles, and family.'

Mr Mesiti pleaded guilty to one count of common assault in February 2016 after attacking his ex-wife Andrea in her northwest Sydney home.

Court documents revealed the former preacher arrived on his estranged wife's doorstep drunk and grabbed her 'by the neck' after learning she had green-lit a New Year's Eve party at their home.

The couple were married for 13 years but divorced following the incident. 

The former evangelical preacher has penned a number of self-help books including Staying Together Without Falling Apart, billed as a definitive guide to helping men and women 'thrive together in a modern day relationship'.

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