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Disappointed customers capture hilarious images of the most bizarre advertising tricks and fails

Advertising might be a multibillion-dollar industry but it's true to say that customers don't always get what they pay for.  

People from across the globe have shared snaps of some of the worst fails and tricks they've encountered, shared in a Bored Panda gallery. 

They include a very lacklustre ball pit, a set of weighing scales with no measurements and a sideways tray it would be impossible to weight most things in.

Here, FEMAIL explores some of the most bizarre mishaps.

One customer was left underwhelmed when they realised the size of their perfume box did not match the product inside

Another disappointed shopper was left scratching their head after receiving a pair of weighing scales without any measurements on

This box of chocolates left one sweet-toothed shopper underwhelmed after it was scarcely filled due to the moulded packaging

One cheese triangle was smaller than expected after the true size was disguised by the cardboard packaging

This children's play area was more than a little lacklustre after it arrived with only a handful of coloured balls

One eagle-eyed shopper spotted that this pot of 'balancing cream' was actually housing a smaller pot inside meaning they were getting a lot less product then expected

One tech-minded shopper was shocked to receive an excessively large USB stick which was not the 'actual size' they had expected

Hard to swallow: This juice from Pret a Manger contains lots of great nutrients but has no actual watermelon in it 

A bum note: Budding pianists hoping to learn a huge repertoire of songs will need to invest in some more volumes of sheet music 

What a cover up! This patterned tablecloth was cleverly folded in the packet to give the illusion of being covered in red and white checks 

This DIY bracelet gift enticed customers by giving them a sneak peak of the parts through a window in the box - but they turned out to be the only things inside

One customer was left disappointed with their packet of Starburst which seemed to get its ratios all wrong

Another eagle-eyed shopper spotted that the term 'new' on their nourishing shampoo actually referred to the 'new pack design'

This majority of matches in this 250-pack box seemed to actually be useless wooden sticks 

Another sweet-toothed shopper was left underwhelmed after receiving this 'candy-topped' treat

This bag of Doritos sold as a 'bigger bag with more to share' actually weighed the same amount as the standard pack

These soft blocks were not as first expected when taken out of the packet after one turned out to be a simple cardboard box

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