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Devin Haney says Floyd Mayweather trains as if he is 'going to fight one of the top welterweights'

Devin Haney claims Floyd Mayweather still trains 'like he is going to fight one of the top welterweights' despite retiring from boxing in 2017.

Mayweather hung up his gloves after taking his unbeaten record to 50-0 with a win over UFC star Conor McGregor in a huge crossover bout that saw the 43-year-old rake in around $275million.

However, Mayweather will return to the ring to take on YouTuber Logan Paul in February 2021 after previously beating Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition fight in Japan. 

Devin Haney says Floyd Mayweather still trains as if he was fighting the top welterweights

Haney believes Mayweather's preparation for the exhibition bout with Paul has been exemplar.   

'His work ethic is crazy because he is still working. He still gets up at 5 or 6am to go running,' Haney told Sky Sports.

'He is training in the gym. He works like he's going to fight one of the top welterweights today.'

Devin Haney that says Mayweather goes running at 5am every day and still hits the gym

The 43-year-old last fought in 2017, when he defeated UFC sensation Conor McGregor

Haney believes Mayweather's upcoming bout with the 23-year-old social media star Paul is a 'good business' decision. 

He refers to it as a good opportunity for Mayweather to 'earn a lot of money', but insists there will be no competition for the boxing legend who won the WBC world title in five weight divisions - super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight and super welterweight.  

'I'm a fan of the business part - it's a great promotional fight and a way for him to earn a lot of money,' Haney said.

'Competition wise? It is no competition. 

'Mayweather, one of the greatest fighters to ever live, against a YouTuber who doesn't have much experience in boxing.

'It's a way for him to earn a lot of money and the world will, no matter what we say, tune in to watch.' 

Mayweather will return to the ring to take on YouTuber Logan Paul (above) in February 2021

Haney believes it is a good business decision as Mayweather can 'earn a lot of money' 

Reports had initially claimed that Mayweather would take home a guaranteed £3.7million in addition to 50 per cent of all PPV sales, while Paul would pocket £148,000 plus five per cent of PPV sales.

However, Paul told 'Impaulsive' podcast those figures are 'way off' but stated that they would both earn a 'good amount' from the fight. 

As it stands, the exhibition is set to take place on February 20 - just before Mayweather's 44th birthday. 

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