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Danish YouTuber falls to his death while filming a video for his channel in Italian Alps

Danish YouTuber Albert Dyrlund (pictured) fell to his death in the Italian Alps while filming a video for his popular channel

A Danish YouTuber has fallen to his death while filming a video for his channel in the Italian Alps, his family confirmed on Friday.

Albert Dyrlund, who was 22, fell over 650 feet on Wednesday July 28 his mother Vibe Jørger Jensen told Denmark's TV2.

She confirmed to the news channel that he had fallen while filming a video in Forcella Pana, in the Italian Alps and asked for privacy for her and her family.

'We are in great grief, but I would like his fans to know,' she told the station. 

Mr Dyrlund fell from Mount Seceda in Val Gardena, Italian broadcaster Rai reported. Mount Seceda is in the Dolomites, a limestone mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps known for their steep cliffs.

Ekstra Blade reported that the accident occurred on a hiking trail that links two mountain peeks, characterised by steep and rocky slopes.

Citing local media that spoke with the YouTuber's friends, the outlet said he stumbled while he was filming a video and fell, dying on the spot. 

The outlet said a rescue helicopter was called to the scene. He was flown to a hospital some 30 miles away, but paramedics were unable to save Dyrlund, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dense fog reportedly made the rescue operation more challenging. 

Mr Dyrlund had over 224,000 followers on Instagram along with 170,000 YouTube subscribers. A number of his videos received over one million views, with three on his channel being watched over 5 million times.

Mr Dyrlund's (pictured in Scotland last year) death was also confirmed by Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Ekstra Bladet, a tabloid based in Copenhagen. According to local media, he fell from Mount Seceda in the Dolomites a limestone mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps known for their steep cliffs

According to local media, Mr Dyrlund fell from a cliff path on Mount Seceda (pictured, file photo) in Val Gardena, Italian broadcaster Rai reported. Mount Seceda is in the Dolomites, a limestone mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps known for their steep cliffs

His videos consisted of music videos and sketches, with some of his musical hits including 'emoji,' 'Waffles,' 'Ulla' and 'Summer,' according to Newsweek. 

In 2018, he also starred in a move named 'Team Albert,' a comedy about trying to make a living from YouTube. 

According to Ekstra Bladet, Dyrlund has sparked some controversy for his more unusual content, such as videos in which he is seen shaving his head and licking snails.

As the news broke, both friends and fans took to social media to express their grief over the death of the 22-year-old.

Friend Anne Plejdrup wrote: 'Where is life just unfair, the sky has got a beautiful star - thank you for everything Albert, your cheerful and crazy boy. 

'All my thoughts go to your family and friends, rest in peace. Remember each other, it may be over before you know it.

According to Ekstra Bladet, Dyrlund was known his his quite outlandish content, which included a variety of music videos and sketches

'I will remember Albert for his insane ideas, his happy aura and his caring personality', she writes in a message and continues,' she added. 'Denmark has truly lost a huge personality and he will be missed by everyone'.

One fan wrote on Twitter: 'Rest in piece Albert Dyrlund. this is pretty surreal. he was only 22 years. For internationals, he had been a danish youtuber since a young age and very known in Denmark.' 

Another added: 'Rest in piece Albert Dyrlund, thanks for the good memories.' Someone else added: 'Rip Albert Dyrlund a legend saved my childhood.'

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