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DAN WOOTTON: Why last week's elections are a wake-up call for rest of the woke elite

It’s hard to believe but Labour’s dud leader Keir Starmer wasn’t the biggest loser after this weekend’s game-changing set of election results.

Brits defied the pundits and political precedent to inflict a complete and total defeat against wokeism itself.

Hardworking folk used their votes to overwhelming reject the metropolitian liberals in London who have taken over the Labour party and who are trying to spark a culture war by telling us we’re sexist, racist, transphobic and bigoted at every opportunity.

The woke culture permeating so many aspects of our modern lives and attempting to rip to shreds what’s great about Britain wasn’t just given a bloody nose, it was smashed into a thousand pieces and should be retired by hapless politicians obsessed with identity politics.

But now that the voters have utterly rejected Labour’s woke agenda, will the rest of Britain’s elite get the message?

Will the increasingly left-wing BBC stop taking dictation from the perennially loss-making Guardian newspaper?

Will the people running the National Trust and newly woke companies from ITV to Gillette continue to drift further away from their loyal customers?

Will privileged celebrities like Gary Lineker and Meghan Markle continue to be paid millions to lecture and berate us from their mansions about how we should live our lives?

Sir Keir Starmer leaves his north London home today after Labour's disastrous few days

Sadiq Khan walks away from last week’s London mayoral vote a shadow of his former self

Will the woketopian liberals infesting the civil service and running our education system finally be reined in?

Will virtue signalling sports leagues stop their players taking a knee before every damn game?

These election results must be a wake-up call for all of these organisations – unless they want to go the same way as the Labour party.

Will the woketopian liberals infesting the civil service and running our education system finally be reined in, asks DAN WOOTTON

And if they don’t wise up themselves, Boris Johnson must do it for them.

The Prime Minister now has the clearest mandate that hardworking British folk do not want us to be transformed into the United Kingdom of Woke.

But he has to get serious about taking on the tidal wave of liberalism before it’s too late.

Case in point: The Government’s cosy relations with the BBC throughout the Covid pandemic, which are depressing and must be realigned now the health crisis is very clearly over.

After all, this is a British taxpayer-funded organisation that allows its highly paid presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty to openly sneer at the Union Jack.

It’s just one example of how the Beeb reviles patriotism, just like so many Labour politicians.

It doesn’t understand that most of us love our country and are proud of the flag. Why else would they attempt to ban the lyrics of Land of Hope and Glory from the Proms?

They must be told loud and clear that Brits don’t want to tear up our shared history to appease remoaner TV presenters who are obsessed with identity politics.

Until now, many idiotic politicians from across the spectrum have fallen into the trap of believing that Twitter likes equal votes.

BBC presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty openly sneered at the Union Jack on TV

The Last Night of the Proms, Royal Albert Hall in London, featuring Land Of Hope And Glory

Keir Starmer’s decision to take the knee at the height of the BLM movement may have been heralded as a game changer online, but voters thought it made him look like a foolish weakling.

It’s unbelievable that many of our leaders and influencers haven’t learned that the fake comfort zone of social media dangerously misrepresents what the public really thinks.

It’s not like there haven’t been enough major fails in recent years, with Brexit, Trump and the fall of the red wall – all seismic events that were completely missed by the political classes.

Now the flagbearer of wokeism Sadiq Khan walks away from last week’s London mayoral vote a shadow of his former self, with his future political ambitions in tatters.

His Conservative rival Shaun Bailey was widely pilloried by the media and his own party – written off as a loser without a hope in hell of coming close to Sadiq.

How wrong they were.

Shaun bucked all expectations and massively increased the Tory share of the vote.

If the media hadn’t spent weeks telling everyone Sadiq was going to triumph after the first round, then there could have been a genuine debate about the future of London.

Hilary McGrady, director general of the National Trust, published a report into 93 historic houses' links to slavery last September

Shaun Bailey bucked all expectations and massively increased the Tory share of the vote.

It’s hardly a surprise to me that Sadiq was close to being repudiated.

Remember this is the man who spent £10,000 boarding up the statue of our greatest ever Prime Minister Winston Churchill, rather than standing up to the violent Antifa thugs hijacking last summer’s Black Lives Matter protest marches.

There are so many examples of this sort of madness, it’s getting beyond a joke.

The Brit Awards is actively considering axing its Best Male and Female categories next year because Sam Smith decided one day that he’s neither.

Female sport is at risk of destruction thanks to the participation of trans athletes, but the most famous trans woman in the world Caitlyn Jenner is slammed as transphobic for pointing out this very obvious fact.

Some in government are now looking to declare war on cars and meat, despite the fact both are an enjoyable and necessary part of the lives of most Brits.

The UK remains a great country.

The biggest threat is the unrelenting march of wokeism.

The public doesn’t want it.

We want to preserve our traditions and values, which include a great tolerance for all cultures and lifestyles.

We know that Britain is not a racist, sexist and transphobic hellhole.

This wokery is about the elite – which turns a blind eye to the revolting human rights abuses in China – attempting to push divisive issues of identity politics onto the wider population.

And its values were resoundingly defeated at the ballot box last week.

But, given the way its proponents control the civil service, the media, much of Westminster and polite society, the battle has just begun.

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