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Dan Andrews to add world record for BLAME shifting to his list of titles

As Melbourne enters the history books for enduring the longest lockdown in human history, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews looks to secure a world record for blame shifting. 

On Sunday, he masterfully set up another blame game win when he warned long suffering Demons fans not to celebrate the AFL Grand Final victory with mates. 

Victoria announced 705 new Covid cases on Monday, along with another death. 

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has palmed off responsibility for Victoria's repeated lockdowns in all directions

He blamed security guards for Victoria's second lockdown, which had leaked out of his bungled hotel quarantine scheme

Mr Andrews has indicated Melbourne supporters will likely be blamed for any increases in Covid numbers this week  

The numbers from the weekend are likely to see those figures climb in the coming days. 

'On the point that they’re long-suffering: we’re all long suffering, so let’s not any of us do anything that makes this pandemic event longer, makes this lockdown longer,' Mr Andrews said.

His Covid response commander Jeroen Weimar backed his master's play, warning 'illegal' grand final parties would help the virus spread. 

'If people did use [the grand final] to get together when they shouldn’t have, there’ll be people walking out of that with COVID transmission as a result, and our health system will have to pick up the pieces in the weeks ahead,' he said. 

Melburnians are by now largely desensitised to being blamed for their own plight. 

The man dubbed 'Chairman Dan' has been taking pot shots at them for near on two years. 

When it all kicked off in March last year, the virus spread was blamed on Melbourne's elite. 

Mr Andrews targeted wealthy Melburnians who had apparently returned with the virus from Aspen in the United States. 

He claimed rule breakers had spread it from a dinner party and several individuals were forced to publicly defend themselves from the brunt of the blame.  

The premier was quick off the bat during Victoria's second lockdown too. 

This was after the virus seeped out of the premier's quarantine hotels, which had been hastily set-up in what would prove to be a deadly mistake. 

Mr Andrews blamed the security guards, whom history will say should never have got the job in the first place. 

The 'Blame Game' had begun and the Victorian premier would prove to be a master of it. 

When the 'wicked enemy' - as Mr Andrews described it last year - killed off hundreds of elderly Victorians, the premier pointed his finger in all directions. 

Mr Andrews blamed a man's use of a nebuliser for spreading the virus out of hotel quarantine, sparking another lockdown 

Former Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos was blamed by Mr Andrews for his failed hotel quarantine scheme 

Mr Andrews' chief of staff Chris Eccles copped the blame for failing to tell him about ADF support. He too fell on his sword 


March 2020: Blames rich Melburnians for spreading Covid-19

July 2020:  A wicked enemy is blamed and then Victorian families

September 2020: Mr Andrews blames health minister for quarantine debacle and she quits

October 2020: Chris Eccles quits after being blamed for quarantine failures by the premier 

December 2020: Mr Andrews apologises to Victorians but makes no admissions about quarantine disaster

February 2021: Blames third lockdown on a sick man who used a nebuliser in a quarantine hotel

A new variant is further blamed for destroying the Australian Open

March 2021:  Blames fall on 'wet stairs' 

May 21: Victorians blamed for not getting jab fast enough

July: Blames Sydney removalists for spreading virus

August 2021: Jewish community blamed for spread. Covid commander apologises for boss 

People weren't isolating, they were 'breaking the rules' and worst of all, families were continuing to gather. 

It would be a galling accusation as the true reason for Victoria's deadly second outbreak came to light. 

An inquiry into Mr Andrews' hotel quarantine scheme went for months, cost millions and provided a sad outcome for a debacle that had cost hundreds of lives. 

No-one admitted fault, with Mr Andrews tossing his health minister Jenny Mikakos under the bus by declaring he regarded her as 'accountable for the program'.

He further claimed he had not seen an email offering Victoria Australian Defence Force help over the program. 

His Department of Premier and Cabinet secretary Chris Eccles was blamed for failing to pass the message on. 

At its conclusion Mr Andrews made a rare apology - this time he blamed a lack of time when the program was established in March for the errors. 

Both Mr Eccles and Ms Mikakos would resign in the aftermath as the premier continued to shift blame. 

By Victoria's third lockdown, Mr Andrews had turned his blame game on an inanimate object. 

 The virus had got loose again from hotel quarantine and a returning traveller had wound up in an intensive care ward. 

The man could hardly breathe when the premier pinned the blame on him for the spread in late January. 

Mr Andrews slammed the man for using a nebuliser, which he claimed infected workers and leaked into the community. 

The Australian Open was played largely before empty stadiums during another lockdown in February. A nebuliser and a UK strain of the virus was to blame, Mr Andrews said 

The virus had got loose again from hotel quarantine and a returning traveller had wound up in an intensive care ward. The Australian Open was ruined 

Victoria announced 705 new Covid cases on Monday, along with another death.

It was later revealed the 38-year old man was likely infected within the hotel itself during the swabbing of an infected patient with the door open. 

So incensed at being blamed, the man called on an independent investigation into the incident. 

The lockdown would effectively ruin the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne in February. 

The lockdown had been blamed on a new type of Covid-19 out of the United Kingdom, which Mr Andrews claimed ran at 'hyper-speed'.

Others saw it as clear political spin, with one commentator branding it a 'classic tactic of deflection to steer attention away from what appears to be yet another failure of quarantine protocol and inadequate processes by Victorian officials'.

The UK variant had been around since September last year and dealt with successfully in other states. 

Before Victorians knew it, they were in their fourth lockdown. 

While Mr Andrews was still licking the wounds of that stair fall in March, his Chief Health Officer blamed the lockdown on a 'beast' Indian variant - a claim that was later rolled back. 

South Australia was also blamed after it allowed the virus to cross the border into Victoria from a quarantine breach of its own.  

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been blamed for looking after Sydney with vaccines at Victoria's expense. 

Covid-infected Sydney removalists sparked Victoria's fifth lockdown. They were later found to be largely compliant with the rules and only copped a $200 fine

Covid leaked out of hotel quarantine killing hundreds last year. Daniel Andrews blamed everyone but himself 

Acting Premier James Merlino made it clear he had been in regular contact with Mr Andrews over all matters related to Covid while he was off injured. 

Mr Merlino condemned South Australia. 

When Victorian contact tracers came under fire for failing to identify where the man had visited, small business and Victorians copped the blame for failing to use the state's shonky QR Code check-in systems. 

On May 27, the people were blamed by their government yet again for their plight. 

'We would not be in this position that we are today, this necessary and difficult position, if our vaccination rates were much higher than they are right now,' Mr Merlino said.  

The virus had got back into Victoria's aged care system and many of the elderly had not received the second jab - that was Prime Minister Scott Morrison's fault. 

When a website designed to allow Victorians to book the jab online crashed, they were blamed for putting 'substantial pressure' on the system. 

Opposition health spokeswoman Georgie Crozier labelled the website a dud, telling Daily Mail Australia at the time tech experts believed it 'wasn't fit for purpose'. 

When Mr Andrews returned to work in July, the blame game continued. 

Victoria's fifth and sixth lockdowns have been a scatter gun of blame attacks. 

It began with the Sydney removalists who while unknowingly infected with the Delta variant travelled to Melbourne.  

Lest we forget: Hundreds of elderly Victorians died in the second deadly wave

Covid Response commander Jeroen Weimar was blamed for targeting the Jewish community after his boss had already done it 

Victorian Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has helped Mr Andrews shift the blame

The men were ruthlessly blamed for the outbreak amid threats they would be dealt with to the full extent of the law. 

Mr Weimar said health authorities would 'throw the book' at the three removalists. 

When the dust settled, it was revealed the removalists had actually entered Victoria on a valid permit and were fined $200 for not wearing a mask inside a restaurant.

Mr Andrews would later blame the 'selfish choices' of people going on pub crawls, exercising with 'seven families gathering at once', setting up 'impromptu beer gardens' on footpaths, and holding an engagement party for the continued spread.

The engagement party last month saw Mr Andrews' Covid commander forced to make a public apology to the Jewish community after drawing added attention to their faith during a daily press conference even though his boss had already done it himself. 

'This is not the Jewish community. This is not an act of faith. This is not part of any cultural practice. This is just bad behaviour,' Mr Andrews had said earlier.  

As Victoria approached Argentina's gong as the longest lockdown champions of the world, the premier hit out at the prime minister for treating Victoria like a doormat and offering NSW an unfair share of vaccines.

The premier accused the federal government of forcing other states to play an 'egg and spoon race' while NSW sprinted ahead.  

Long suffering Melbourne won't just eclipse the unwanted lockdown world record, it will smash it as Mr Andrews' roadmap to freedom won't end lockdown until October 26. 

At that point Melbourne would have been under various lockdowns for 268 days. 

The premier's blame game will likely continue until at least November next year, when Melburnians finally get a chance to vote him out.  

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