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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Boris Johnson is the only choice. Every Briton MUST do their bit 

Whatever else the experts have predicted for today, one thing is certain: It’s going to be cold, windy, damp and dark by mid-afternoon.

For many disheartened by the prospect of trudging to the ballot box, the temptation will be to stay at home, keep warm and pour a nice cup of tea (or maybe something stronger).

In truth, the Mail has every sympathy with that urge.

But this is not a normal election.

Britain could be brought to its knees and left crippled with debt, mass unemployment and crumbling public services under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn (pictured during a final election campaign event in London, on Wednesday)

It is a monumental fight for the very future – indeed, the very soul – of our great country.

It is a choice between a liberal One Nation free market capitalist who is determined to unleash the whole UK’s potential to bring about prosperity.

And a kleptocratic, anti-Semitic, anti-Western socialist who would bring Britain to its knees, leaving it crippled with debt, mass unemployment and crumbling public services – just like his beloved Venezuela.

Sensible voters should be deeply troubled about the fate of their homes, children and jobs if Britain inadvertently sleepwalks into a horror show led by Kremlin apologist Jeremy Corbyn at the expense of Tory leader Boris Johnson. Even senior Labour candidates agree their man is patently unfit for the highest office.

A massive new YouGov poll gave the Tories a nine point lead over Labour and suggested Mr Johnson is on course to win a 28 seat majority

Yet the polls teeter on a knife-edge. After six weeks of battle buses criss-crossing the country, the Tories are forecast a 28-seat majority.

But the polling stations don’t close until 10pm – and a tiny proportion of votes could dramatically change the political landscape. That’s why your vote has never been more vital. More than at any election since the War, you can help shape the country’s future for the better.

We understand the weather forecast is bleak. But wrap up warm, grab an umbrella and go to mark your cross. With so many black stains against Mr Corbyn’s name, it’s frankly baffling anyone can contemplate voting for him.

Boris Johnson poses as he hammers a Get Brexit Done sign into the garden of a supporter, in Benfleet, east London, on Wednesday. He told voters 'a great future is there within our grasp' on the last day of campaigning

During this long, dispiriting election campaign, the Labour leader has peddled his sweeping vision of a socialist paradise.

But like a hard-Left Pied Piper, he has entranced his guileless followers (and earnestly attempted to persuade normally prudent floating voters) into believing that Labour would not be a quick road to economic ruin.

Instead, the Great Bearded Leader duplicitously insists, only rapacious, exploitative companies and the rich –the few, not the many – would fund his extravagant £1.2trillion-plus spending promises.

Giving Boris (pictured at the Copper Box Arena in London, on the last day of campaigning) a decent majority will get Brexit done, ending years of paralysis, and allowing him to bring his impressive enthusiasm to bear on other issues that Mail readers care about

That’s unalloyed nonsense. Today, we report how the chairman of one of Britain’s biggest blue-chip companies says Mr Corbyn will decimate pensions if he wins the keys to No10. Paul Walsh says millions of workers, many on modest incomes, will see thousands of pounds wiped off their pension pots’ values by Labour’s economically innumerate madness.

Put another way, ordinary workers would need to toil an extra three years before retiring. Meanwhile, the truly wealthy would beat a hasty retreat from Britain, taking with them jobs, investment and their taxes – leaving a yawning chasm in Labour’s figures.

Of course, Mr Corbyn can’t win outright. But a vote for anyone but the Conservatives is a vote for a chaotic hung parliament with the terrorism sympathiser as Prime Minister – propped up by the Union-loathing SNP .

Remainers may be furious about Europe. But are they so blinded by Brexit hatred that they believe leaving the EU would be worse than the economic catastrophe inflicted by the Marxist rabble?

And anyone seduced by the Brexit Party should also search their conscience. For all they can do is split the Leave vote – scuppering the Tories’ chances in important target seats.

That would leave a Remain coalition running the country – and, be assured, killing off Brexit.

Giving Boris a decent majority will get Brexit done, ending years of paralysis, and allowing him to bring his impressive enthusiasm to bear on other issues that Mail readers care about: Housing, education, the NHS and safer streets.

During last night’s eve-of-poll rally in London, Boris promised to ‘bring this country back together again’.

Mr Johnson promised to 'bring this country back together again’ and the election is 'your chance to be heard' during last night’s eve-of-poll rally in London (pictured)

YouGov poll reveals the vote share and predictions for seats won on December 12

He said: ‘A great future is there within our grasp. Even if you have never voted Conservative before, this is your chance to be heard and I promise I will not let you down.’

The Mail believes he is the right man to lead Britain into the 2020s.

The alternative is almost too grim to contemplate.

For our country’s future prosperity and security, Boris is the only intelligent choice. It’s imperative you pull on your waterproofs and do your bit.

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