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Dad 'killed his son, 8, and wounded his daughter, 6, after mother refused to resume relationship'

A 39-year-old man allegedly stabbed his eight-year-old son to death and wounded his six-year-old daughter after their mother refused to resume their relationship.  

 Gerardo Reyna was arrested Thursday and charged with murder after the brutal attack at his home in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

The children's mother, Brenda Moyano, told reporters that she had split with Reyna in December, ending their 11-year relationship.

But she said her son Thiago had been sad that he had not seen his father in some time, and she decided to make the five-hour trip two weeks ago from her home in La Rioja to her former partner's residence. 

Moyano said she had an argument with Reyna on Wednesday after he had their children send her an audio message encouraging her to meet with him and patch up their relationship, according to Argentine newspaper Cronica.

When she told him not to involve their children in their dispute, he allegedly replied with a photograph of the boy's bloody arm. 

Gerardo Reyna (right) was arrested Wednesday after he reportedly stabbed his son, Thiago (middle), dead, and also wounded his daughter, Priscila (right), at his home in Córdoba, Argentina, following an argument over the phone with the mother of his children

Brenda Moyano said she was upset Gerardo Reyna was using their children as a pawn in order to reconcile their 11-year relationship, which came to an end in 2019. She added that on Wednesday Reyna sent her an audio in which the children asked her to see their dad

'I asked him not to involve the kids and then he sent me an arm with blood,' Moyano recalled. 'I thought it was his arm. I did not think it was my children's.' 

Authorities were called to Reyna's home in Valle de la Punilla, where Thiago was found dead and his sister, Priscila suffering from multiple stab wounds.

Moyano's defenseless daughter was taken to a local hospital before she was transferred to the Córdoba Pediatric Hospital and underwent surgery to treat her punctured lungs. 

An older image of Gerardo Reyna with his son, Thiago Reyna, whom he allegedly stabbed to death Wednesday 

As of Thursday, Priscila was listed in critical but stable condition, and is expected to survive.

Moyano claims Reyna had previously beaten her, but she declined to file a police report due to fears that she would have lost her job. 

And Moyano said Thiago was content with being around his father and had told his mother that Gerardo Reyna had repaired his bicycle. 

Cops in the Argentine province of Córdoba found eight-year-old Thiago Reyna dead and his sister, six-year-old Priscila Reyna, with stab wounds after their father reportedly attacked them

Gerardo Reyna pictured with his son Thiago Reyna, whom he allegedly murdered Wednesday

In September, Reyna changed his Facebook profile photo and added a caption in Spanish that read 'I was born to take care of women, not to sexually assault them nor kill them.'

The distraught mother said Reyna was making repairs to his home with plans of moving in his son before the tragic incident unfolded. 

The ex couple had meeting scheduled Thursday with a family counselor to determine if Reyna was fit to live with their son.

In September, Reyna changed his Facebook profile photo and added a caption in Spanish that read 'I was born to take care of women, not to sexually assault them nor kill them.' 

He has been charged with the  murder of his son and attempted femicide of his daughter. 

'I never imagined he would do with my children,' Moyano told Argentine news tv station Telefe. 'I want justice for my son and my daughter. I want him to pay for what he did and to never come out.'

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