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D.C. Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo boasts of 'exceptionally exciting' post-shooting sex with accomplice

Sniper serial killer Lee Boyd Malvo has revealed sickening details about his 2002 killing spree in a new documentary, including how he and accomplice John Allen Muhammad engaged in 'exceptionally exciting' sex after gunning down innocent people.

Malvo and Muhammad massacred ten people and left another three wounded during a 22-day killing spree in the Washington D.C. area.

The pair were also linked to three further killings and other robberies during a murderous cross-country trip prior to the DC slayings. 

Speaking to the makers of a new documentary, I, Sniper, Malvo speaks in exhaustive detail about the attacks which terrorized the US capitol.

Malvo was just 17 when he carried out the killings with Muhammad, a 41-year-old Gulf War veteran in October 2002.  

Malvo later claimed to have been 'brainwashed' by his older accomplice, and also said in a 2012 interview he had been sexually molested by Muhammad.

Now 36, Malvo spent many hours speaking with the documentary makers from Vice, and for the first time reveals that the pair would have 'exceptionally exciting' sex after killing their victims, The Daily Beast reported.

'It is unnatural to kill anything,' Malvo told the filmmakers from inside Red Onion State Prison in Virginia where he is serving multiple life sentences without the chance of parole. 

'But once you've done it the first time, it becomes easier each time.' 

'I was a thief. I stole people's lives,' he goes on to say. 'What inside me made that possible?' 

John Lee Malvo, then 17, left, and John Allen Muhammad, 41, would have post-shooting sex after massacring victims during the DC sniper terror of 2002

Muhammad, left, was a 'master puppeteer,' according to Malvo, right, who spoke extensively to the makers of a new Vice documentary I, Sniper. Malvo said he was Muhammad's 'instrument', and that he became intoxicated by the thrill of murdering people

Sniper mastermind Muhammad at a court appearance in Virginia in 2003. He was linked to 20 shootings, including 13 deaths  and was killed by lethal injection in 2009

Malvo, center, leaves a pre-trial hearing in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 2003. Malvo got four life sentences without parole

In the eight-part documentary series which premieres on May 10, filmmakers recorded 17 hours of conversation with Malvo in 15 minute segments - as per prison rules. 

Malvo speaks about his difficult upbringing in Jamaica, where he was abandoned by his father and abused by his mother. 

After moving to Antigua in 1999, he met Muhammad, who would become a father figure - and lover - to the troubled teenager. 

Muhammad was filled with anger and rage at the military, white people and his own family, having threatened to kill his ex-wife and abduct their children.

Malvo repeats claims he has made in previous interviews that he was also a victim of Muhammad's, who he says coerced him to help him punish his perceived enemies. 

'Muhammad was master puppeteer,' he tells filmmakers. 'I was an instrument.' 

The documentary charts the pair's first murder, committed by Malvo in Tacoma, Washington, in March 2002, nine months before the Washington DC attacks.

The pair went on a murderous road trip across the country, robbing, and killing as they went.

Then on October 2, 2002, the pair began gunning down people in the D.C. area using a specially modified Chevy Caprice which allowed one of them to shoot from the trunk.  

The trunk of the 1990 Chevy Caprice used by Malvo and Muhammad in the 2002 shootings. The pair cut a sniper's hole above number plate so they could shoot people while driving around

The pair began gunning down people in the D.C. area using a specially modified Chevy Caprice which allowed one of them to shoot from the trunk.

Over the next 22 days, the pair's murderous rampage would paralyze Washington DC as residents were fearful to leave their homes.

The pair left ransom notes near crime scenes, demanding $10 million and warning: 'Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time.' 

On October 23, police put out a late-night alert for two men in a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice with New Jersey plates. Around 3:30am the next morning, authorities arrested the pair at a rest stop off Interstate 70 near Myersville, in Maryland.  

Malvo is serving four life sentences without the possibility of parole. Muhammad was put to death by lethal injection in 2009, at age 48. 

At the heart of the I, Sniper documentary are the victim's stories. 

Isa Nichols, the aunt of Malvo's first victim, Keenya Cooke, had not spoken publicly about the shootings in more than a decade, but she told the Associated Press the filmmakers won her over with their patience and thoroughness.

'They allowed me to honor my niece,' Nichols told the agency.  

'They really did a wonderful job. Letting me work through this process.' 

In March 2020, Malvo, 36, married wealthy Sable Noel Knapp, 31, inside Virginia's Red Onion State Prison on March 6, according to The Daily Beast.

Knapp is the granddaughter of a wealthy Iowa real estate developer. She is also an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matters.

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