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Crocodile wrangler Matt Wright's wife feeds a monster croc while her little boy watches

A crocodile hunter has captured the nail-biting moment a massive croc charged towards his wife as she made her debut feeding attempt.  

Kaia Wright, the partner of Australia's Monster Croc Wrangler Matt Wright, has proven she is not the only member in the family who can handle the apex predators. 

The mother-of-one, who travels around the Northern Territory capturing and relocating the animals with her husband, shared her first ever feeding attempt with her more than 24,000 Instagram followers on Sunday. 

In the video, Ms Wright can be seen standing at the edge of a creek, dangling a fish attached to the end of a stick over the surface of the water.

Kaia Wright has shared footage of her croc-feeding debut with her thousands of Instagram followers. She is pictured with her husband Matt, Australia's Monster Croc Wrangler, and their son Banjo

Wright can be heard coaching his wife on how to lure the beast out of the waterway while their son, Banjo, watches from a safe distance. 

'Closer, closer,' Wright says, as his wife walks towards the murky green inlet. 

'Keep going, keep going. Your life insurance is fantastic these days,' he jokes.

Following instructions, Ms Wright lowers the fish into the water and walks backwards, dragging it across the bottom of the creek.

The movement grabs the attention of a monster crocodile hiding beneath the creek's surface, which abruptly jumps up out of the water and lunches towards her.  

Ms Wright takes a few steps backwards, but is quickly told by her husband to remain in her position and allow the crocodile to come up to the fish.  

'Sorry big boy, dropped it,' she says to the croc as the tries to hold the fish above its head, before it eventually grips the bait in its mouth. 

'You've got to work with him here. He holds it, you pull it,' Wright says. 

The monster croc charged towards the mother-of-one as she dangled a dead fish hanging off a stick near the water 

The crocodile stopped once it neared Ms Wright and waited for her to place the fish in its mouth 

Ms Wright yanks the stick, severing the line, as the crocodile swallows its meal whole. 

'Was that delicious?' Wright asks the reptile, panning the camera to show its seemingly satisfied face.  

Although Ms Wright insisted 'I'm no Matt Wright' in the caption, her fans were nonetheless amazed by her bravery. 

'Showing way more courage than most of us,' one person wrote.

'Ohhh boy !!! I would have dropped and ran,' another added. 

'Bloody amazing! All in a dress too,' someone else said. 

'You are braver than me no way .. one slip and you are brekky [breakfast],' a fourth comment read.

Wright is a helicopter pilot and wildlife relocator who is also the star of the National Geographic show 'Outback Wrangler' and Australian series 'Monster Croc Wrangler.'

The series follow Mr Wright throughout his numerous adventures in the Australian Outback where he encounters and captures large animals.