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Crocodile and a shark face off in crystal clear water in Australia's Top End

Terrifying footage has captured a curious shark stalking a crocodile in crystal clear waters in Australia's Top End. 

The croc was seen floating on the water's surface in the Northern Territory's Wessel Islands last Saturday as a shark lurked beneath it, circling the reptile.

In the nerve-wracking footage of the two apex predators, the brave shark, believed to be a tiger shark, is seen swimming right behind the large croc which then appears to flee onto nearby rocks. 

A curious shark was seen stalking a crocodile in waters in the Northern Territory last weekend

The encounter was filmed by Duncan Brotchie who said the crocodile was definitely a 'bit weary' of the curious shark hot on its tail.   

'I took a few pictures of the croc by itself and thought that was it and then the shark appeared and I just hit record and tried to follow them without freaking out too much!' Mr Brotchie told Daily Mail Australia. 

'We were probably about 10 meters away but could only see the footage from the drone because of the glare on the water, so you wouldn't know at all what was happening without seeing it from above. 

'The shark did get really close to the croc so I thought something might happen, but it probably had second thoughts!'

The terrifying encounter between the two apex predators was seen in the Northern Territory's Wessel Islands on Saturday 

The croc appeared to flee onto nearby rocks as the shark swam right behind it 

In a face off between predators such as a shark and a crocodile, it's believed that sharks will usually come off second best. 

Earlier this year, a four-metre saltwater crocodile was seen devouring a shark that a woman had just caught on her fishing line in Cardwell, in Far North Queensland.

The croc had stalked the shark along the shore after it was reeled in by the woman and seconds later the reptile had the fish between its teeth. 

A woman has got more than she bargained for while fishing on a beach when she reeled in a shark... only for it to be eaten by a crocodile

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