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Couple say their landscape gardener left their home looking like a building site

A couple were left devastated after a landscaper promised to transform their garden - but left it looking like a building site and conned them out of £4,000 instead. 

A workman had promised to renovate Danny Riley, 26, and Lucy Brennan's, 21, outdoor space with astroturf, decking, paving and fencing while they were away on holiday.

But they returned home from their two-week break in Newquay to be confronted with a scene of mess and disruption at the back of their new-build home in Church, Lancashire. 

Lucy Brennan, 21 and Danny Riley, 26 (pictured together) had their back garden ruined at their home in Accrington, Lancashire

Workman Peter Cameron Hill from Clayton LGMS on Facebook left paving stones and bags of compost in the middle of the garden 

Lorry driver Mr Riley has now realised the man, who called himself Peter Cameron Hill from Clayton LGMS on Facebook, has conned other customers out of money.

Mr Riley said the man told him they needed to pay £2,000 up front as a deposit and the remaining £2,000 in installments. 

Mr Riley said: 'We've had to come to terms with the fact that we will not see our money again.

'We feel very silly to have fallen for this man's tactics. We were too trusting and we have been burned. We are mortified.'

Mr Riley and support worker Miss Brennan bought their new-build three-bed semi for £130,000 in June, this year.

Parts of fence and other debris and rubbish were strewn across the sheeting laid down on the grass

What was meant to be the beginning of a new fence was left in a muddy puddle after the landscaper vanished

The couple, who bought their new-build three-bed semi for £130,000 in June, sit in the remains of their back garden 

Since their return from holiday, the couple have tried to get in touch with Mr Hill but have had no response. Pictured: the unfinished landscaping

As part of the deal their garden was not completed and they had to do the landscaping themselves.

Danny said: 'We'd had a couple of expensive quotes for £8,000 and £6,000 and we were looking for something cheaper.

'I made an appeal on a Facebook buy and sell page to see if anybody knew somebody and this guy came forward.

The couple (pictured) say they are very upset and now don't have the money to sort out the garden

'He came round to our home and he gave us a great price of £4,000. He said we could pay him £2,000 upfront and pay the remaining £2,000 over a year.

'We snapped his hand off. He was a great guy, very friendly and keen to help us.

'We paid the £2,000 straight away and he started the work. We filled out a form to put the remaining £2,000 on finance.

'But he soon came back and told us the finance had been refused. Looking back alarm bells should have started ringing at this point, especially seeing as we'd just got a mortgage, but we believed him.

'He told us we would need to pay the rest of the money, so we did.'

Mr Hill had a couple of things crop up, which put a halt to the work, but he assured the couple he would get all the work done while they were on holiday in July.

'While we were on holiday he told us he was having problems with his child,' said Mr Riley. 'He told us his son had a bleed on the brain.

'We were in contact him while we were away so we did know it wasn't getting done.

'But when we came back at the end of July we were absolutely gutted at the state of it. It is heartbreaking.'

The couple (pictured together outside the front of their home) have put out a warning on Facebook telling other members of the public not to trust him

An area that was meant to become decking outside the property was left bare after the builder didn't come back after taking their money

There were holes, bags of compost, plastic sheeting and gravel strewn across the garden.

Since their return, they have tried to get in touch with Mr Hill but have had no response.

They have even visited his home, for the landlord there to tell them he'd moved out because he was not paying his rent.

'He has also deleted his social media accounts and blocked our numbers,' said Danny.

'We're very upset, we're not going to be able to get any work done now because it's winter and we don't have the money.

'I'm not sure I'll trust anybody to do any work for us again. So far we have decided that we will get family involved and try and do the work ourselves.

'We have put our own warning out on Facebook to not trust him and we have had a massive response from people saying they have been a victim too.'

Peter Cameron Hill has been contacted on Facebook for comment and denied the offence. 

Lancashire police have been contacted for comment.  

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