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Count the pennies! People reveal the shocking tactics their parents have used to save money

People from around the world have revealed the unusual tactics their cheapskate parents have used to avoid spending money.

Writing anonymously on confessions app Whisper, many people admitted their parents had adopted bizarre - and sometimes shocking - methods of saving cash. 

One British man revealed his parents have a 'daily limit' on how much toilet roll can be used.

Meanwhile another woman, believed to be from the US, explained how her mother wore her ill-fitting prom dress to her cousin's wedding.  Here FEMAIL brings you a selection of the most eye-opening admissions.

People from around the world revealed the shocking ways their parents attempt to save money, including a woman, believed to be from the US, who has been given expired food by her mother 

Another woman, believed to be from the U.S., revealed her mother wore her old prom dress to a wedding to avoid spending money on new clothes 

Another person, from America, said they would avoid having friends visit their house because their mother would serve food in reused paper plates

One man, believed to be from the UK, claimed his mother can often become angry when he uses too much toilet paper because she has a daily limit of how much she uses

One man, from America, claimed his mother would store any syrup left on your plate for another meal 

Another woman revealed she received a stolen hat for Christmas, because her father didn't want to spend on a gift 

A man, from the U.S., recalled his father stealing plastic bags from supermarkets to use for he and his siblings packed lunch 

One woman, who lives in America, claimed she has never eaten fast food and has only worn clothes from budget websites because of her mother's cost cutting 

A man, from Indiana, revealed his father would give he and his siblings a $3 budget when eating at fast food restaurants 

One person, from Florida, claimed their mother would keep mayonnaise jars to use as cups and butter bowls for serving soup and cereal 

A man, who lives in Georgia, revealed his father would collect rain water to use for baths as a way of reducing their water bill 

One person, from New York, said their house is filled with towels that their mother has stolen from the gym 

Another individual revealed their living in a cold house because their father refuses to turn on the heating 

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