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Controversial shirts slamming Daniel Andrews sparks debate in Victorian Facebook groups

A Victorian woman has sparked a furious debate online after she started advertising a range of clothing emblazoned with the phrase 'f**k you Dictator Dan'.

Erin Harkins has been promoting the clothing on community Facebook groups in Melbourne and Victoria.

While supporters of the Victorian premier have blasted the clothing as 'disgusting', others said they would be happy to don the controversial message, having suffered through six gruelling lockdowns under his government. 

Ms Harkins told Daily Mail Australia she has been selling shirts with messages from all sides of the Covid-19 debate, relating to vaccinations, lockdowns and Mr Andrews himself.

Erin Harkins has been promoting the slogans which also come on hoodies, singlets and long sleeve tops on local community Facebook groups in Melbourne and Victoria

'There are people for and against and I respect that. I have made tops for all aspects of this topic,' she said.

'People are passionate and have a lot to say. I started making tops like these after one was requested and decided to post it online. This top in particular has been my best seller so far!'

Since posting the shirt online on Tuesday night, Ms Harkins has sold 15 tops already with more orders coming in on Wednesday morning.

She stressed the messages were based on customer requests and did not always reflect her own opinion.

The shirts have sparked controversy with some Daniel Andrews supporters labelling them 'disgusting' while others say they would be more than happy to wear them

One woman said if Mr Andrews actually run his state like a dictatorship, posts like this would not be allowed

Others say they would buy as many shirts as possible in order to 'spread the word'

'I have never had an issue making things for all sides as I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and should feel free to say that,' she said.

Ms Harkins said while she wasn't a huge 'fan' of Mr Andrews herself, she accepted he had a tough role dealing with the Covid outbreaks.

'I can't please everyone and don't try to. People take offense to many things and that's ok with me. That's life,' Ms Harkins said.

'I have just always believed people should be brave enough to say how they feel.' 

'If this was a dictatorship and you were here trying to sell these stupid shirts you would be in prison being tortured or killed for speaking out against the state,' one said.

'What a joke, you'd be dead if it wasn't for his prescience or listening to experts,' wrote another.

Other shirts on her website have the message '#freevictoria' but Ms Harkins stressed the majority of her designs were customer's requests and not her own beliefs

'Disgusting, he's saved countless lives by actually caring about people rather than big money,' one said. 

However others fully supported the message.

'I would get a billion, trillion of them and give them away if I had the money, be so worth it to spread the word,' one said.

'Love it. Why not? Hope you are making coin off the shirts. All of them,' commented another Victorian. 

Other shirts on her website JStone have slogans such as '#sackdannow' and '#freevictoria' while others have tops proudly endorsing their vaccination status including one that reads 'I'm vaccinated, you're welcome'.