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Commuter chaos as Arctic blast brings ice, sleet and up to six inches of snow to parts of UK

Commuters across the UK will be hit by chaos this week as an Arctic blast brings ice, sleet and up to six inches of snow to some parts of the country.

Forecasters have warned that temperatures could plummet to -4C in some parts and several yellow weather warnings are currently in place.  

The cold air overnight managed to bring snow, sleet and rain across Scotland and England's north-west.

The air that has pushed south from Greenland ensured a low of minus 4C (25F) was recorded on The Cairnwell mountain in the Eastern Highlands, the Met Office's Helen Roberts said.

The cold air combined with a band of precipitation to produce sleet and snow, as well as icy patches, which could prove problematic for those in cars and on trains, the forecaster added.

Snow covred streets in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, Scotland this morning and many commuters would have been forced to get up slightly earlier to clear the snow from their windows 

The three day weather forecast above shows that rain will be prominent across the next three days 

Commuters are being warned of travel chaos from ice and snow across Britain today, with three weather warnings having been issued by the Met Office, snow above in Lanarkshire

The latest snowdar shows last night's rain, sleet and snow clearing Scotland, but there will be snow on the ground in parts of the north this morning, with ice in places too, the Met Office said

'It'll be an icy start for many, with a widespread frost and temperatures dipping just below freezing,' she said.

Up to 5.9 inches of snowfall has been predicted in some places. Snow and ice warnings are in place in parts of Scotland such as Inverness and Glasgow.

This is while ice warnings are also in place in across Manchester and into the Midlands, as well as some parts of Aberdeen. 

As well as this, 35 flood alerts have also been issued across the UK in places such as the Lower River Loddon and the West of Dorset.

The map above from the Met Office shows the snow and ice warnings which are in place in northern parts (left) as well as an outlook for the rest of the country (right)

The map above from the Met Office shows the weather warnings which have been issued across the country today

Walkies! Two cute pooches are pictured above in Lanarkshire as they wait for their owner to clear the car in the snow

About 750 road-gritting lorries - 500 in Scotland and 250 in England - are ready to be deployed, the Daily Mirror reported.

Showers are expected to arrive in western England and parts of Wales later in the day.

'But it will be a largely dry day in the eastern and central parts of the country,' Ms Roberts said.

The yellow warnings will expire between 10am and 11am.

Icy stretches are expected for most of the north this morning and wintry showers will continue for western and northern areas, this is while eastern parts of the country will stay mostly dry. Showers will continue tonight and into tomorrow. 

The UK is in the middle of a wintry spell, with milder weather arriving on Wednesday.

Tyre marks are seen in the snow in North Lanarkshire as many trudge through the white stuff to get to work and school today