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Colorado birthday massacre suspect had been in a fight with the family just LAST weekend

The man who murdered six in a Mother's Day mass shooting in Colorado Springs can be named as Teodoro Macias Jr, 28, DailyMail.com has confirmed

The Colorado birthday massacre suspect who killed six people in front of three young children had been in a previous fight with the family the weekend prior to Mother's Day, cops said.

Teodoro Macias Jr., 28, killed his girlfriend Sandra Ibarra, her brother Jose Ibarra and her sister Mayra Perez, 32, during the rampage in the early hours of Sunday morning at a home in Colorado Springs, police said during a news conference.

The three other victims were Mayra's mother-in-law Joana Cruz, 53, and her two sons, Melvin Perez, 30, and Jose Guttierez, 21. Macias also killed himself at the scene. 

Cops said Macias had been in a fight with the family during an event the prior weekend at a different home.

No further details about that altercation were immediately available. 

'The suspect ... had been dating Sandra Ibarra for one year. He was not invited to the family gathering and evidence supports he became upset over that lack of invitation,' Lt. Joe Frabbiele said, referring to the event this past weekend.

Macias Jr was described as 'quiet' and 'serious' by those who knew him but his Facebook account shows pictures including machine guns and piles of cash

Macias Jr is picture in Las Vegas in a photo posted to his Facebook page

Sandra Ibarra had been dating Teodoro Macias Jr, 28, since 2020. Her relatives said he was 'quiet' and 'serious' 

Family members identified the victims as Joana Cruz (left), who would have turned 54 this week and her son Melvin Perez (far right), who would have turned 31 this week. Also killed was Perez's wife, Mayra Perez (right)

Chief Vince Niski said the family had no knowledge or warning that he was coming on Saturday

' Lt. Joe Frabbiele said Macias had been in a fight with the family during an event the prior weekend at a different home

Chief Vince Niski said the family had no knowledge or warning that he was coming on Saturday.

'We believe he just showed up, and entered the mobile home and started shooting,' he said.

Macias had 'a history of jealous and controlling behavior towards his victim,' Frabbiele said.

'This behavior in particular was most obvious in particular when trying to isolate her from her family and making efforts to prevent her from attending family events,' Frabbiele said, though did not detail those claims further.

He added that there had been no previous reported incidents of domestic violence between Macias and Ibarra to police, that Macias had no criminal history and that there had not been any civil rulings like an order of protection. 

Later, when asked how cops knew Macias was angry over not being invited, Lt. Frabbiele said: 'We're investigating the manner in which they communicated, which include their phones, so we're kind of moving through that currently.'

Among next steps in the investigation will be to determine how Macias had obtained the firearm, which was not immediately clear, Frabbiele said.

Police had recovered a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm semiautomatic handgun underneath Macias' body at the scene, with two magazines that could 15 rounds each. Cops found 17 shell casings at the scene and live rounds inside one magazine. 

Mourners organize a memorial on Monday outside a mobile home in Colorado Springs

Windows smashed by flying bullets could be seen around the home

Grief counselors are on site at the the scene of the shooting in Canterbury Park, Colorado Springs

Frabbiele said that the weapon was purchased from a dealer back in 2014 at a local gun store. 

'The suspect did not purchase the firearm during that transaction. Follow-up is being done to locate and interview the individual who originally purchased this firearm,' Frabbiele said.

'This is the only transaction listed for this firearm. We are still investigating how and when the suspect came to possess the handgun. The serial number on that firearm is not reported stolen.' 

Police arrived shortly after having received three 911 calls: two that both came in at 12.19am Sunday, one of which was from a neighbor who reported hearing gunshots and one from inside the home in which gunshots are heard but nobody spoke, officials said. Cops do not know who placed the call from inside the home.

The third 911 call came at 12.22 from someone telling dispatchers that someone had shot their family, cops said.

A memorial is seen outside the mobile home where the shooting took place 

One of several bullet holes can be seen in the side of the home 

Another adult had survived the shooting, having been in another room at the time of the shooting and escaping. 

The victims were discovered by three additional family members, two 16-year-olds and an 18-year-old, who had briefly left the home to grab something from a neighbor before stumbling into the grisly scene.

'Unware that the shooting had occurred in their absence, they returned to the residence to discover what happened prior to police arrival. They attempted to render aid and provide shelter to the three children,' cops said.

The three children - ages 2, 5, and 11 -  had been in the main room at the time of the shooting but were able to scape to a back room and were unharmed. They were seen being taken away in tears by police shortly after the shooting.

The shooting happened at a birthday party inside a trailer park home that killed six people before the gunman took his own life

The victims were all part of an extended family. Flowers left at the home where the shooting took place

Grief counselors were on hand to help console those affected by the shooting

Flowers can be seen propped up against a fence 

The power of the bullets can be seen having ripped through the plastboard 

When DailyMail.com visited the property on Monday, bullet holes could be seen in the walls while the door was taped shut with red police tape.

A smashed window at the back of the home showed where a stray round exited while another bullet hole could be seen in the wall of a neighboring trailer.

The owner, a veteran who asked not to be named, said he had been watching TV with his family when a bullet crashed through his wall and out the other side.

He told DailyMail.com he feels lucky to be alive and said he had heard no arguments from next door.

The veteran said the first he knew of the incident was when gunfire broke out and he and his family dropped to the floor.

He added: 'This is like the fourth worst massacre in Colorado history and it was right next door to me. We keep thinking about those children. They're in a lot of pain.'

Other neighbors had left flowers and candles outside the home while a pair of shoes could still be seen on Monday, close to the taped-up front door.

Macias, who had three older sisters named Genevieve, Anna and Chana, grew up in Longmont, Colorado – 90 miles north of Colorado Springs.

He had been living in Colorado Springs for four years at the time of the shooting and worked for a phone company, according to neighbors.

Sandra Ibarra (left) and her brother, Jose (right), were among seven people who were shot and killed during a birthday party in Colorado Springs on Sunday. Sandra's boyfriend, Teodoro Macias Jr, 28, was the gunman 

Joana Cruz's 21-year-old son, Jose Guttierez, was also killed in the mass shooting 

When DailyMail.com visited Macias' shabby apartment – which is approximately 13 miles and a 23-minute drive from the scene of the shooting – neighbors described a quiet man 'who kept to himself'.

His neighbor, who asked to keep his name private, said a detective visited early Monday afternoon with members of Sandra's family and that he had had to call his and Macias' landlord to let them in.

He said: 'Her family came over. They brought the police detective here. That was today. This afternoon actually.

'I had to call my landlord so he could let him in. Yeah, we had the same one – I'm right here on the other side.'

The neighbor said he had regularly seen Sandra at the home, describing her white car and saying that she stayed most nights.

The gunman, Teodoro Macias Jr, 28, is pictured alongside his sister, Chana Garcia, on a photo from his Facebook 

A picture of the community of Canterbury Park in Colorado Springs

Bullet hold in the side of the home are immediately noticeable 

He also claimed she had been Macias' sole visitor and told how he would regularly come home with Sandra late at night.

The neighbor also said the pair had seemed happy and he had no idea why Macias would want to kill her and her family.

He said: 'He's been there [in the house] for a minute – at least three or four years. He worked for a phone company.

'Most of the time I didn't even see him because he would come home at night, him and his girl.'

The neighbor said Macias had been proud of his white BMW car which featured repeatedly on his Facebook page but was not at the house on Monday when DailyMail.com visited.

Macias had been proud of his white BMW car which featured repeatedly on his Facebook page

Another of the many exit bullet holes can be seen here 

An atmosphere of grief appeared to consume the small Colorado Springs community on Monday 

Along with his car, Macias' social media pages also show photos of him spending time with his sisters and, on February 5, an announcement that he was in a relationship with Sandra.

Although he appears to have no criminal history and neighbors said he had never caused any trouble, he did post a sinister picture showing a rifle and a stash of money in February 2019.

By the time of the killing, that had been changed to a photo of his BMW.

Sandra's Facebook page also showed the pair together, including a loved-up selfie posted just over six weeks before she was murdered.

On April 21 – less than a month before the massacre – she posted a photo of a pink watch Macias had bought her, with the caption 'thank you baby, I love it'.   

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said on Tuesday that it is alarming 'how lethal domestic violence incidents can be.'

'About 20-25 percent of the victims of homicides related to domestic violence are another people involved in the relationship but are police officers who respond, family members or bystanders,' he said. 

'In Colorado, we've had domestic terrorism. We've had random acts like going into King Soopers or a movie theater, but let's not forget about the lethality of domestic violence.'

Suthers added that it was the city's most violent shooting ever and tied for most violent incident in city history.

'Believe it or not, I think it was 1911 we also had six victims in an axe murder. But this is the most shooting victims we've had and I think it ranks fourth for violent incidents in Colorado,' he said.  

A man fatally shot six other people including his girlfriend and then killed himself at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, Colorado, early on Sunday, sparing the children who were present. Family members mourn at the scene where their loved ones were killed 

Mourners, who haven't been identified, hug at the scene of the shooting on Sunday 

The birthday party was held in celebration of Cruz and Perez. Also killed in the shooting were Mayra's sister Sandra Ibarra and brother Jose Ibarra

Authorities investigate the scene of the shooting on Sunday 

A motive has yet to be determined for the massacre at a trailer park about 70 miles south of Denver

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