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Coles is smashed by customers after print on Australian whiting fillets reveals a shocking fact 

Angry customers have slammed Coles after discovering a shocking fact on the packaging of their Australian whiting fillets. 

The Australian supermarket chain has sparked outrage by labelling the 'responsibly sourced seafood' as 'made in Australia' but 'filleted in Vietnam'. 

One shopper, Bronwyn, shared her concern over the small print on Coles' Australian Whiting Mini Fillets to Facebook, 7NEWS reported.    

Customers have slammed Coles after discovering the Australian Whiting Mini Fillets (pictured) are labelled as 'made in Australia' but were filleted in Vietnam 

She questioned how the product could be considered 'made in Australia' when it was filleted overseas. 

The shopper asked: 'Could someone please explain why this is necessary, to transport Australian fish thousands of kilometres to Vietnam to be filleted?' 

'I bought these yesterday noting the Australian Whiting and 95% Aussie ingredients ... Then have just noticed the filleting in Vietnam.'

Bronwyn said that the fact the fish had been filleted in Vietnam had put her off eating the fish. 

'Not so keen to eat them now. Fresh, I think maybe not. No way of knowing how old they might actually be,' she said. 

Facebook commenters were quick to voice their shock over the product's label.  

One user said: 'It is so crazy. How can they claim it as being fresh?' 

Another asked: 'Why can’t they be processed here? Too bloody expensive to process by Aussies that’s why!' 

Pictured: The packaging fine print claims the fish is made from 95% Australian ingredients 

One commenter noted: 'Disgraceful situation! Send it to Vietnam to be filleted as their wages are so much less than in Australia, then ship back here - better profit for Coles.'    

A Coles spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the company had met its 'Country of Origin obligations'.   

The spokesperson said: 'This product uses Australian whiting, which is filleted overseas, but is then crumbed and processed back in Australia.

'In line with our Country of Origin obligations, this is clearly labelled on the front of the pack.'   

The spokesperson explained: 'All Coles Own Brand seafood including seafood available at the deli, canned Own Brand tuna in the grocery aisle and frozen Own Brand products such as fish fingers have been responsibly sourced since 2015.' 

'As always, customers who are unhappy with a Coles Brand product can return it to any store for a full refund.'

Coles (pictured) said the company had fulfilled its 'Country of Origin obligations'

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