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CNN cancels interview with Piers Morgan after he slammed them for not covering Hunter Biden story

Piers Morgan has slammed CNN for canceling his interview with the network after he said they and other American news outlets were being biased for not covering a story about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden. 

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Morgan was played clips of journalists, including CNN's Jake Tapper, dismissing the allegations as false.

In turn, Morgan said journalists in the US were being 'hyper-partisan' for failing to report on or investigate the story.

Hours later, Morgan confirmed that his promoting appearance for his new book Wake Up on CNN's Reliable Sources, which was set to air this weekend, would no longer occur.  

'Last time I appeared on this show, I appeared after I wrote a series of negative Trump columns,' he told DailyMail.com. 

'They were prepared to take me when I was negative, but not so much when I was positive.'    

He added that he believes most media outlets have likely not investigated the story because, if they do, it could lead to revelations that would cause the Democrats to lose the presidential election.


Piers Morgan slammed CNN for cancelling his upcoming book promoting appearance on Reliable Sources this Sunday

The DailyMail.com editor-at-large said the media is playing partisan politics by failing to cover a story about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden with damning emails and photos. Pictured; Morgan on Fox & Friends on Friday 

Many reporters have questioned the validity of the story because the emails have not been independently verified, but Morgan said journalists have a duty to investigate. Pictured: A receipt showing Hunter Biden's laptop was allegedly dropped off at a Delaware repair shop

Morgan told DailyMail.com that CNN spent at least a month asking him to appear on the show.

He said he had a 'weird feeling' his appearance might be canceled, but he was still very surprised by the move.  

'Maybe they were worried I wouldn't bash Trump as they wanted, and that's what my  book itself is all about - illiberal liberals who want to cancel anybody who doesn’t suit their agenda,' he said. 

Morgan said producers at CNN also told  him that he was canceled because they reportedly were able to book someone else: the executive editor of The Associated Press.  

The laptop in question contains damning emails and compromising photos  damning emails and compromising photos of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son, which were provided to the New York Post by President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani.

Many reporters have questioned the validity of the story because the emails have not been independently verified, but Morgan said this is simply due to partisan politics. 

'I don't care if you're pro-Trump, anti-Trump... at the very least, these journalists are revealing themselves to be hyper-partisan,' Morgan, DailyMail.com editor-at-large, said told the Fox & Friends hosts.

Morgan also argued that many more news outlets would be covering the story if the laptop was reported to belong to Donald Trump Jr rather than Hunter Biden.

'From where I sit as a former newspaper editor, I've seen them run day after day after day of revelations from Hunter Biden's laptop, they say, with emails between Hunter Biden and various business associates, ' he said.

'And as we sit here today talking, I don't believe either the existence of that being Hunter's laptop or the veracity of those emails has been questioned. Nobody on the Biden side has denied that it's his laptop.'

The author of Wake Up says because there are no denials by the Biden campaign, journalists have a duty to investigate.  

He added that stories alleging Trump had links to Russian officials turned out to be false - although it was revealed Trump's associates did have ties.

'We saw over the whole Russia collusion fiasco over several years, that they don't need much of this so-called hard evidence to obsess about a story if they want to,' Morgan said.  

'So they're making a political characterization, not a journalistic one.' 

Morgan also commented on Thursday night's presidential debate between Trump and Biden and said it was very different from the first debate two weeks ago.

'The thing that struck me was Donald Trump had a much more measured tone. It was like he muzzled himself, he tamed himself from the kind of ranting beast we saw in the first debate and it was much more effective,' he said.

'It was more effective in exposing his opponent, Joe Biden's, flaws...It allowed people to focus a lot more clearly on Joe Biden.'

Morgan said that if the laptop had been reported to belong to Donald Trump Jr, there would be much more news coverage. Pictured, left and right: The laptop also allegedly had pictures of Hunter Biden smoking and using drugs

The co-host of Good Morning Britain also praised Trump during Thursday night's debate (pictured) and said his calm demeanor helped him expose Joe Biden's 'flaws' 

The co-host of Good Morning Britain said Trump succeeded at repeatedly - but calmly - asking Biden why he didn't accomplish many of the goals he has promised he will do if elected during his time as Vice President under former President Barack Obama. 

The topic of Hunter Biden's emails also came up at Thursday night's debate.  

'All of the emails, the emails, the horrible emails of the kind of money you were raking in,' Trump said. 

'And Joe, you were Vice President when some of this was happening.'

'And I think you owe an explanation to the American people, why is it - somebody just had a news conference a little while ago - who was essentially supposed to work with you and your family, but what he said was damning,' Trump said in reference to Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden business partner, who claimed he has proof that the former Vice President was aware of his son's business dealings with China  

In turn, Biden pointed a recent New York Times report that alleges Trump had a secret Chinese bank account - and that he's barely paid any taxes.

'We learned that this president paid 50 times the tax in China, has a secret bank account with China, does business in China,' Biden said. '

Release your tax returns or stop talking about corruption.'   

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