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Clubbers in Sydney's Rose Bay launch desperate mission to salvage a small bag of powder from harbour

A group of mates have been filmed launching a desperate mission to retrieve what appeared to be a small bag of white powder they dropped in Sydney Harbour.

Footage showed a crowd of revellers, all dressed in white, egging on one of their friends as he tried to reach the bag floating in the water at Rose Bay Wharf in Sydney's eastern suburbs over the weekend.

The young man tasked with salvaging the bag was seen being gradually lowered down the wall of the wharf until he could no longer hold on, and toppled fully-clothed into the harbour.

Footage has captured a group of partygoers' desperate mission to retrieve a small bag of powder they dropped in Sydney Harbour

'Quick get it - put your foot out,' one of the man's friends said as he tried to get closer to the bag.

Another told him to go all-out in the rescue attempt.

'Throw the pants away - don't worry about the pants,' the friend said.

The man tried desperately to reach the bag as his mate held onto him from above.

Seconds later though he lost his grip and plunged back-first into the water.

'Are you OK?' one of his friends asked. 

Commenters joked about the man's decision to go after the small bag - which appeared to be full of white powder

The video was shared online alongside the caption 'some bags must be saved'.

Some commenters were left wondering why he tried to get the bag back fully clothed.

'Why wouldn't you just go in jocks and shoeless... and step on the rocks,' one said.

'Tell me you're from Sydney without telling me you're from Sydney,' another added.  

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