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Cities across the US cheer Derek Chauvin guilty verdict for murdering George Floyd

People across the United States celebrated on Tuesday as Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd after cities across the country had been on high alert for protests in the case of a not guilty verdict.

Hundreds of people who had gathered outside a courthouse in Minneapolis could be heard inside as they cheered when the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty in the murder of George Floyd.

The crowd had been patiently waiting outside the Hennepin County Courthouse on Tuesday when the jury reached a verdict. IT arrived after about 10 hours of deliberations over two days.

In a clip from the scene, the crowd was mostly quiet until someone shouted: 'Guilty! Guilty!'

The crowd erupted immediately with cheers and people jumping up and down.

Another person is heard quietening the group again before yelling: 'Derek Chauvin's been found guilty!' 

'Say his name,' the man continued. The crowd responded: 'George Floyd!'  

MINNEAPOLIS: More than 100 people who had gathered outside a courthouse in Minneapolis could be heard inside as they cheered when the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty in the murder of George Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS: People react after the verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, found guilty of the death of George Floyd, in front of Hennepin County Government Center

MINNEAPOLIS: A woman cries as she hugs a man outside of the Hennepin County Government Center after Chuavin's verdict was read

MINNEAPOLIS: People react to the news of the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial at George Floyd Square with crying and hugging

MINNEAPOLIS: People cry and hug each other at George Floyd Square while another man, left, smiles with joy at the guilty verdict

MINNEAPOLIS: A person wearing a Black Lives Matter mask hugs another person after the verdict for Derek Chauvin was read on Tuesday

MINNEAPOLIS: A woman holding a beverage puts her hands into a prayer sign after the guilty verdict was read for the murder over George Floyd

Chauvin was convicted on charges of third-degree murder, second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter over the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis last Memorial Day. 

Outside of Cup Foods, where Floyd had been just before he was killed, a man tearfully led people gathered in cheering his name.

In Louisville, Kentucky - where Breonna Taylor was killed last year - a man named Neal Robertson said: 'It's about damn time,' WHAS reported.

'Welcome to America. It's about time. We're waiting for this,' the man says.

A woman screams through a megaphone: 'It's guilty! It's guilty!' 

'We have to build back up our city too. We've got a lot of work to do. Not only with Breonna Taylor, we've got a lot of other things we have to do. You know what it is,' Robertson said. 

In Washington D.C., people were seen standing up and cheering and clapping inside of a restaurant as the verdict was read on the television, WUSA reported.

While Minneapolis was fortified for the duration of the two-week trial - with fences erected and buildings bordered up - there were fears of unrest all across the nation if a not guilty verdict was returned. 

Cities across the United States are on high alert in the wake of the Derek Chauvin 's murder trial. The 12-person jury found Chauvin guilty on all counts Monday afternoon after just 10 hours of deliberations 

Portland Mayor Ted called for calm. His city has seen more than 100 nights of rioting since the death of George Floyd last Memorial Day

In addition to Stoll News reporting that the Chicago Police appear prepared to deploy tear gas to disrupt large crowds, Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned residents that looting would not be tolerated. 

'We are prepared to arrest and bring to prosecution  anyone who would dare try to take the dreams of our small businesses by looting,' she vowed.

'Don't test us because we are ready.' 

Meanwhile in Portland - which has been rocked by frequent unrest since Floyd's death - Mayor Ted declared a state of emergency and called for calm. 

'It's my hope that regardless of the jury's decision, Portlanders will respond with the safety of their neighbors in mind,' he stated before the verdict was handed down. 

Elsewhere, tens of thousands of New Yorkers are planning to hit the streets for demonstrations in spite of the guilty verdict. 

Largescale protests are planned in both Brooklyn and Manhattan tonight, with one rally kicking off at Times Square from 6pm. 

Police helicopters could be heard hovering over the city shortly before 5pm. 

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis had signed a bill into law on Monday that created a new crime called 'mob intimidation' that would deny bail to protesters until their first court appearances, NPR reported.

'If you riot, if you loot, if you harm others, particularly if you harm a law enforcement officer during one of these violent assemblies, you're going to jail,' DeSantis said at the bill signing on Monday.

Under the new Florida law, local officials can also be held liable for lawsuits if someone is injured during protests and strengthens penalties for protesters who block roadways or deface public monuments, according to the outlet.

According to Politico, officials in Washington DC were reportedly debating whether to re-erect outer fencing around the US Capitol amid fear protests would last days or weeks 

BLM protesters are seen in Chicago last Friday. Mayor Lightfoot warned residents that looting would not be tolerated 

National Guard members are seen through fencing and wire near the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis on Monday

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