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Chicago's top cop blames wave of gun violence on courts letting out violent offenders from jail 

Chicago's top officer once again took aim at the city's court system by saying that it released violent offenders into the street amid a wave of gun violence in the city during a press conference on Monday. 

Police Superintendent David Brown said the city could not risk having violent criminals in the streets after last week's violence, which left at least 12 people dead and 70 injured across the windy city. 

'What we can do different is challenge the courts to render Chicago safe,' Brown said, the televised interview. 'Holding offenders in jail longer not releasing murderers back into our community. That's what we can do different.'

Police Superintendent David Brown held a press conference on Monday and again blamed the city's courts for the recent wave in deadly shootings

Chicago police responded to two shootings within five minutes of each other last week that left 12 people dead, including a 14-year-old boy

Police said at least 70 people were injured in last weeks incident

Brown said he was referring to the fact that 90 people who have been charged with murder have been released on electronic monitoring by the city's courts.

He has made similar claims throughout the month. 

He has offered little details about his claims. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also perpetuated Brown's claims, adding that the coronavirus shutdowns have also impacted courtrooms.  

The office of Chicago Chief Judge Timothy Evans said last month that the cases Brown was referring to all involved first-time offenders or cases of self-defense. 

'Speculation based on isolated cases is not the same as reality based on a complete picture,' Evans said in a statement. 

Evans also cited a 2020 Loyola University study, which found an increase in the number of people released pretrial 'was not associated with any significant change in new criminal activity, violent or otherwise, and was not associated with any change in the amount of crime in Chicago after 2017.' 

WBEZ Chicago reported in May that Lightfoot's office was struggling to find examples of cases that highlighted the mayor and Brown's point in a series of hacked emails. 

The arguments come after a series of shootings continue to plague Chicago. 

Last week, a boy, 14, was killed and nine others were injured in two separate shootings in the North Lawndale section on the West Side of the city. 

So far in 2021, there have been 1802 shootings, that's a nine percent jump from this time last year and a 60percent jump from 2019, according to the latest crime statistics from Chicago police.

During the July 4 weekend alone, 92 people were shot in the city and 16 were killed. This past weekend, 56 people were shot and 11 died.

In an effort to curtail the record number of shootings, Brown announced the launch of the city's Gun Investigations Team on Monday.

According to Brown, a team of 50 officers was put together Sunday with the explicit mission to conduct investigations into the gun traffickers and purchasers.

They will also be tasked with tracing recovered guns infiltrating the illegal pipeline of guns.

Brown says that Chicago police is on track to recover more than 12,000 illegal guns this year. Authorities have already recovered 6,600 guns to date.

The new team was launched just days after Lightfoot announced a $1 million reward fund for information that leads to the seizure of illegal firearms.

The fund was created to incentivizes citizens to report the presence of illegal guns in their community. Payouts will be provided to those who have tips that lead to arrests and convictions.

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