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Channel Nine reporter screams as massive explosion interrupts live coverage of LA George Floyd riots

An Australian reporter covering riots in Los Angeles feared for her life as a firework exploded metres away live on air.

Channel Nine's US correspondent Alexis Daish and her cameraman were filming in Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon local time as protests continued across the US for a fifth consecutive day over the death of George Floyd.

Mr Floyd, 46, died in Minneapolis last Monday after a white cop pressed his knee against Mr Floyd's neck for eight minutes.

Tensions have escalated almost 3,200km away in Los Angeles, where looting from businesses has unfolded in the streets as police introduced a 4pm city-wide curfew. 

Ms Daish was reporting live for Monday morning's edition of the Today show and was describing the chaotic scenes to Australian viewers when she was interrupted by a massive explosion and let out a chilling scream.

Channel Nine US correspondent Alexis Daish was reporting on the looting that was unfolding on the streets of Santa Monica moments before a firework round exploded metres away

'Oh my god,' the frightened reporter screamed off-camera.

'Stay here, you're good,' a security guard assured her.

The chaotic scenes prompted concern from Today hosts Allison Langdon and Karl Stefeanovic. 

'You okay, Lexi?' the pair asked.

A shaken but composed Ms Daish assured everyone she was not injured. 

The scene moments after the round of firework went off metres away from the news crew

'Yeah, yeah, we are all good,' she replied.

'It is just a fireworks round.'

'I don't know whether that has come from the police or these protesters.

'These motorcyclists, the cops now appear to be trying to surround this area. Yeah, it is a pretty tense situation. We're fine, we're fine. Every time we think that the cops might have a handle on things this happens. There is just too many of them.' 

Ms Daish said her reaction to the explosion was due to the volatile situation that was unfolding. 

'The reason that everyone here is so tense, this has been going on a while now. We know how quickly things can escalate,' she explained.

'It is in the back of your mind here that things can go bad real quick.'

'The National Guard have been deployed to Los Angeles overnight 1,000 military personnel. But the problem is, it seems like they are not able to move quick enough or keep up with the level of crime that is now happening here.'

Ms Daish's screams prompted concern from Today host Allison Langdon (left) back home

Ms Daish added she was relieved to be accompanied by experienced cameraman Rich Moran and two security guards 'the size of King Kong.'

She took to social media shortly after the scary ordeal to describe the scenes further.

'Looting is out of control. Security have told us to stay in our car - police have completely lost control of situation in Santa Monica,' she tweeted.

The frightening ordeal comes a day after Ms Daish was confronted by protesters when she asked them to explain their outrage. 

'We're tired of people like you guys telling us how to feel about our own lives,' one of the protesters said pointing at the young blonde reporter.

'This anger is coming from hundreds of years,' he went on to say. 'Three people in two weeks... How many times does this have to happen?'

Another protester added: 'We have done everything white people have asked us to do.'

Channel Nine's US correspondent took to social media shortly after the scary ordeal

Tensions have escalated on the streets of Los Angeles on the weekend, almost 2000 miles away from where George Floyd died in on Monday

Ms Daish also came under fire over her 'ignorant' reporting, where she ended an interview by thanking a protester for his time to vent about police brutality.

'I really appreciate you giving your perspective because people in Australia doesn't have the understanding of the history of police killings here,' she said. 

Channel Seven journalist Ashlee Mullany was almost taken out by a stun grenade as police closed in on a Minneapolis protest. 

Ms Mullany, Seven's US correspondent, crossed to Sunrise live from Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon local time to report on the mayhem as protests raged on in the city for a third day. 

Footage showed the journalist duck for cover as a stun grenade was fired in her direction by police officers who descended on the protest.  

Last Thursday, Channel 7 news journalist Ashlee Mullany was almost taken out by a stun grenade as police closed in on a Minneapolis protest against the death of George Floyd

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