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Channel 9 star Matt Goyder's spiral into meth, illness and arrest over 4000 vile child abuse images

A former reality TV star who became addicted to drugs and was busted with a vile collection of child pornography containing material of the 'utmost depravity' has been jailed. 

Matt Goyder, 30, was sentenced to two years jail in the District Court of Western Australia over his possession of 4118 images and videos showing the sexual abuse of children and babies. 

WA District Court Judge Karen Shepherd said the material Goyder possessed showed 'high levels of perversion and debauchery'.

Convicted pedophile Matt Goyder shot to fame in 2016 after finding love with ex-Zoo Weekly model April Vaughan on the Channel 9 show. He spiralled when it ended, sliding into a haze of meth and steroids before suffering a heart attack and brain injury - then being caught trying to distribute child sexual abuse material of 'the utmost depravity' 

Matt Goyder spent 13 months in a Perth rehabilitation program

Judge Shepherd paused several times while reading out the abuse inflicted on the children, one of whom she believed to be younger than six months, The West Australian reported.

The WA District Court heard most of the images involved 'penetrative activity between a child and another child or an adult'. 

Goyder sat covering his face with his hands during proceedings. 

He was arrested in February 2020 after being caught in a police sting when he tried to send videos to an undercover officer from the WA Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team using WhatsApp.

Officers raided the property where Goyder was staying in East Perth and seized several mobile phones and electronic devices.  

Goyder, a helicopter pilot, pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing the material in May 2020.  

The court heard grim details of Goyder's dramatic decline since appearing on Channel 9's Farmer Wants a Wife in 2016.

He was apparently dumped by his 'wife'  Zoo model April Vaughan before the show finale and turned to methamphetamine to cope, the court was told.

Former reality television show contestant Matt Goyder confessed to possessing and distributing child sex abuse material online

He became a Lifeline ambassador after he spoke out about his battles with anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

But in 2019 Goyder overdosed on meth and also took steroids, which led to a cardiac arrest.

He was rushed to hospital but suffered a hypoxic brain injury after being deprived of oxygen.

The court heard instead of abstaining, Goyder returned to drug-taking which fuelled his increasing risk-taking behaviour. 

Judge Shepherd said the sentence she handed down took into account Goyder's early guilty plea, his remorse and his mental health issues, the fact he had no criminal record and his efforts with rehabilitation.

He spent 13 months at Shalom House, a faith-based facility in Perth.

After he faced the Perth Magistrates Court in 2020, a trembling Goyder told reporters: 'I am seeking help to address my issues, including my substance abuse.'

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