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Cat lovers share pictures of their feline friends being unintentionally hilarious

With their sleek coats, aloof manner and love of lounging, cats have a reputation for for being a somewhat sophisticated kind of pet. 

But these photos, curated by Bored Panda, show that they aren't always as elegant as their reputation suggests. 

Among the snaps taken by owners from around the world is a rather undignified large ginger cat sitting in a small basket, with fur sticking out of the heart-shaped holes in an ungainly manner.

Another image shows a feline unintentionally taking a selfie by grabbing their owners phone by the paws - and the angle is not particularly flattering.

Here, FEMAIL reveals the snaps that prove cats have the best pet personalities, that will never fail to keep you amused. 

The cat's not out of the bag! Perhaps this cat has modelling ambitions, or perhaps he just found a cosy spot. Either way, the result is this excellent feline/human hybrid

Catman: Who needs a cave full of gadgets, a loyal butler, and a cape to be a superhero? All this man needed was a four-legged friend 

This picture required purr-fect timing and positioning, with the cat's yawning mouth creating a hilarious optical illusion

This cosy-looking cat bed is almost the perfect hiding place from pesky humans who can't resist scratching a cat's chin...if only if it weren't for those huge green eyes

When you take 20 selfies trying to get the perfect one. Has this cat got there yet? Erm...not exactly

This ginger feline is sticking firmly to the famous cat mantra 'if it fits, I sits'. Only it doesn't quite fit...

This rather cross-looking feline has been perfectly recreated in a stuffed toy form - right down to the scowl

Is this cat fur real? He went out hunting, and all he could sink his fangs into was this rather dry-looking leaf

These cats have assembled themselves in the most perfect colour-gradient order while they enjoy a meal

Purr-fect manners: This photo was taken at just the right time, so this tiny kitten looks like he is raising his arm to ask a question 

This single paw print in the snow tells a grand tale, of a cat who would have been an explorer, if only it wasn't so cold outside

These lazy moggies are enjoying lounging around, and they are so in sync, you can hardly tell where one cat ends and the other begins

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