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Car flips upside down on Great Western Highway in Mt Druitt, in Sydney's west

The moment a blue car flipped after merging into the middle lane and hitting another car has been captured on camera.   

Dashcam footage shared to Reddit shows cars driving along the Great Western Highway in Mount Druitt, in Sydney's west about 3pm on Wednesday. 

A blue hatchback can be seen driving in the far right lane and tailgating another car, while a red station wagon accelerates forwards in the middle lane.  

A blue hatchback is seen driving in the far right lane and tailgating another car, while a red station wagon is a bit further behind in the middle lane 

The blue car indicated to switch lanes and collided with the red vehicle in the middle lane

The red station wagon appears to speed up when the blue vehicle suddenly indicates left to switch into the middle lane.  

As the hatchback begins to merge the blue car collides with the station wagon, suggesting the driver did not look over their shoulder into the blindspot beforehand.

The red car veers into the right lane and comes to a stop while the blue car spins upside down on the road. 

A total of five cars were damaged in the accident but luckily no one was injured, according to the Reddit poster. 

Social media users slammed the driver of the blue hatchback for failing to check their blindspot before merging. 

'Damn. Always do your shoulder checks before switching lanes,' someone wrote. 

'Blue car didn’t check their blind spot,' another wrote. 

'Indicate and immediately turn - amazing how folks think that the magic yellow light means I can turn with impunity looking is optional,' another commented. 

The blue car shockingly flips upside down following the horror crash on Wednesday

According to the poster, no one was injured during the horrific crash on the busy highway

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