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Can YOU answer these basic questions on biology correctly? 

Can you tell your chromosomes from your photosynthesis, or has all that information you learned in biology at school faded from memory? 

Tal Garner put together this fiendish quiz for the US-based platform Playbuzz, challenging science buffs to test their knowledge. 

Do you have what it takes to answer all ten questions correctly, ranging from the protein that covers viruses to the strongest muscle in the human body. 

Answer all questions below without cheating and scroll down to find the answer cheat and see how you did. 


Are you a science buff or do you need to hit the books to answer all these biology questions correctly? Stock picture










Answer sheet 

1. Cells

2, Masseter

3. Unicellular

4. Melanin

5. Soil

6. Capsid

7. Transpiration

8. Virus

9. 47

10. Anemophily

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