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California family beats lockdown boredom with amazing basketball tricks

Father JoBen Barkey has been entertaining his five children during lockdown by pulling off some incredible basketball trick shots with them.  

The family in Anaheim, California, have been posting about their life and how they are coping in quarantine on social media. 

One clip starts with JoBen throwing a basketball backwards so that it effortlessly bounces off the roof of his home and through the hoop. 

Viewers can hear his children Sebastian, 12, Asher, 11, Judah, nine, Mishayla, seven,  and Jame, six, cheer with JoBen who moves the camera to show the kids jumping up and down.  

JoBen said: 'We're quarantined at home just like many people across the globe and before this pandemic hit where we live, I talked to the kids and told them what was probably coming.

'But I said not to worry because I would come up with challenges for us to work on if we get stuck at home.'

JoBen sinks two consecutive balls without looking at the basket while he entertains his five children stuck at home in quarantine in Anaheim, California

The Barkey children jump up and down and cheer loudly whenever they pull off an incredible trick shot

Many of the trick shots are made even more astonishing by the fact that they are done backwards

In one extraordinary performance JoBen throws the ball into the basket without looking through the window of the car he is slowly driving. 

Understandably this causes his children to erupt into excitement that includes yelling and some young attempts at dabbing. 

It is not just JoBen though. 

One trick shows Sebastian rolling the ball onto their garage roof, letting it roll back down for JoBen to back-heel volley into the air for Sebastian to then head smoothly into the hoop. 

The kids join in on the trick shots and each success calls for family celebration no matter who does it 

The video constantly erupts with the kids' cheers and delight whenever they manage an incredible shot 

 JoBen said: 'I want them to remember this time stuck at home for something really fun and not just the hard stuff.

'Every shot I rely on the kids to give me feedback on where it landed so I can make adjustments.

'Our whole neighborhood has started watching these when we are out front in the cul-de-sac.'  

The Barkey Family Super Seven have more than 30,000 followers on social media and went viral in 2018 when they adopted Sebastian (in the yellow trousers next to mother Amanda) from Colombia after hosting him for a month in the summer  

The family attracted media attention in 2018 when they decided to adopt Sebastian, a Colombian boy they had hosted for a month in the summer. 

The family set up a fundraiser to help finance the foreign adoption and Sebastian joined them in California on December 20 of the same year. 

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