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Burglar creeps in through bedroom window just steps away from two sleeping girls

A Pennsylvania mother has shared chilling security video that shows a burglar climbing into her young daughters' bedroom through a window.

The disturbing home invasion took place early Monday morning at a residence on Virginia Avenue in Rochester, while the mother and her two children, ages three and four, slept.

'My kids could have been kidnapped, killed,' the girls' mother, who did not want to be named or pictured out of fear or retribution, told the station WCVB.

Security video shows a young girl sleeping in her bedroom in Rochester, Pennsylvania, on Monday, seconds before a chilling home invasion 

A man is seen removing a fan from the window, just steps away from the sleeping child

The intruder peers inside the home on Virginia Avenue, where two sisters, ages 3 and 4, were sleeping. The family have just moved into the residence two weeks ago  

Footage recorded by the family's home security system shows the moment the intruder removes a fan from the bedroom window, scans his surroundings, and then climbs inside.

All the while, a young girl is seen sleeping in a bed just a few steps away from the window. 

According to the girls' mother, the burglar then disconnected the camera, walked past her kids and made his way into her own bedroom.

'I had a feeling someone was watching me so I opened my eyes and seen a blurry figure walking towards the door as fast as I could,' the distraught woman recounted. 

The mom-of-two armed herself with a window blind in case she needed to defend herself, but she said the perpetrator walked out the front door after grabbing her cellphone. 

The family had just moved into the home two weeks prior. The mother said her daughters are now scared to go to sleep because of the 'boogeyman.'

The robber is caught climbing through the window into the room, before turning off the security camera 

The girls' mother (pictured) said she woke up to find a stranger in her own bedroom. The man walked out the front door after stealing her cellphone 

The two sisters are now said to be terrified of sleeping in their room (pictured)

'I just feel like I just want everybody to be safe at night because with this guy still being out on the run we don't know who he is and it's scary,' said the mother.

The Rochester Borough Police Department is investigating the home invasion. The agency is asking anyone who recognizes the man from the security video to come forward. 

So far, no arrests have been announced in connection with the home invasion. 

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