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Build an outdoor pizza kitchen for less than £100 with The TV Carpenter

If you're looking for an outdoor kitchen for your garden, you may find your online searches lead you to some rather expensive options that can run into thousands of pounds.

So what can you do if you are on a much more restricted budget, even one as low as around £100 or less?

We found a budget way of creating an outdoor kitchen space, ideal if you have a love of making your own pizzas, or want to ditch the pizza oven and use it alongside a barbecue as a cooking spot in the garden.

The option is relatively inexpensive as it requires you to build it yourself, but the creator of this outdoor pizza kitchen Wayne Perrey insists that the design is simple enough that anyone with basic carpentry skills can build it - and he has provided a worksheet and a YouTube video to guide people through the build process.

We reveal how to build this outdoor pizza kitchen that can cost less than £100 if you can find some free pallet wood

Obviously, the pizza oven is not included in the £100 build cost, so you will have to budget for that separately. An Ooni Karu oven, like that pictured, costs from around £299.

Wayne is know is at The TV Carpenter and is the DIY expert on ITV's 'Love Your Weekend' with Alan Titchmarsh.

He said: 'You need everything close at hand with an outdoor pizza kitchen, such as fuel for the pizza oven and toppings for the pizza.

'Hopefully you'll have the confidence to have a go with my worksheet that explains how it is done.'

'It doesn't matter if you go off-piste a bit and develop it in a way that fits your needs.'

The pizza kitchen has been created by Wayne Perry who is known as The TV Carpenter

Wayne designed the pizza kitchen around a 60cm square tile. A marble-effect tile can be bought from a high street store for around £15. Unlike real marble, it will not need sealing before it can be used in the pizza kitchen build.

The design also includes some free pallet wood, which comes in maximum lengths of around 120cm. Wayne cut each plank in half to get double use out of it.

You would need to find somewhere to source some free pallets from for the build, try local businesses that get plenty of deliveries, or look online, for them. 

Wayne included 35mm copper piping and threaded it through some Munsen rings to use as a tea towel and oven glove rail.

He explained: 'Most of the timber is pallet wood, but there are some extra pieces of cheap wood used for the framing.' 

The extra bits and pieces cost around £20 and so it means that the pizza kitchen could be made it for less than £50 if you had free pallets. This cost does not include the price of the pizza oven itself.

Wayne breaks down the build of the pizza kitchen into easy and digestible steps to follow

If you can't find any free pallet boards, it is possible to buy the required pallets that have been sanded for around £100 from companies such as palletboards.co.uk. They sand them and it is cheaper than buying new wood.

Wayne used 24 pallet lengths for this pizza kitchen in total and cut them in half so they were 60cm each. This would equate to about four pallets worth of wood, depending on pallet size.

Wayne used 35mm copper piping and threaded it through some Munsen rings to use as a tea towel and oven glove rail 

Wayne designed the outdoor kitchen for its height and to use to prepare food. Flour can be used on the tile to make the pizzas, and there is the space to store condiments, so that they are easily at hand. 

He explained: 'You can add bits and pieces of your own to create a variation on a theme, such as by adding shelves, a cupboard at the base, so any mess is hidden away, or even a sunken sink in the worktop.'

Wayne designed the outdoor kitchen for its height and to use to prepare food.

Wayne added some shelves so that the pizza toppings could be held close at hand

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