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Britney Spears calls dad Jamie 'threatening and scary' and requests CPA Jason Rubin as conservator

Britney Spears has called her father Jamie 'threatening' and 'scary' in new court filings requesting Mr. Spears be replaced as the conservator of her estate.

The pop star's lawyer Matt Rosengart has filed a motion to have Mr. Spears' removed and have CPA Jason Rubin appointed in his place.

The new legal docs accuse Jamie of making his daughter's life hell, describing her current situation as 'traumatizing, insane and depressing' while also painting a portrait of a financially irresponsible conservator, according to TMZ.

Request for change: Britney Spears' legal team has filed court docs requesting her father Jamie Spears be replaced as conservator of her estate. In the filings Spears describes her dad as 'threatening' and 'scary'

Miss Spears' lawyer Matt Rosengart has requested Certified Public Accountant Rubin, who practices out of Southern California, be appointed as conservator of her estate, citing his experience in handling financial and elder abuse cases in the past.

New guy: Miss Spears' lawyer Matt Rosengart has requested CPA Jason Rubin be appointed as conservatorship of her estate

If the request is granted, Rubin would be given financial authority to manage Spears' estate and assets as well as the powers of attorney to make health care decisions.

In the past, Britney's health care decisions have been the purview of her conservator of Britney's person, who is currently Jodi Montgomery.

The damning court docs depict Mr. Spears as an incompetent financial manager, saying his family 'struggled financially under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998.' 

This is despite the fact he earned millions off of his daughters tours and concert residencies, with the document estimate Mr. Spears' raked in $2.1million from his cut of her Vegas residency alone.  

Furthermore, Britney's legal team said her relationship with Jamie is 'venomous' and 'it impairs Ms. Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career.'

The filings also contend that while Spears' may have needed the support and oversight of a conservatorship 13 years ago, her mental health has drastically improved since. 

Ousted yet? The new legal docs accuse Jamie of making his daughter's life hell, describing her current situation as 'traumatizing, insane and depressing' while also painting a portrait of a financially irresponsible conservator. He's seen in 2008 above

'Since receiving professional medical care at the outset of this conservatorship over thirteen years ago, Ms. Spears is clearly in a different place now, and she has been for many years,' the court docs explained. 

'The entire world has witnessed Ms. Spears working tirelessly -- with astonishing dedication, precision, and excellence -- as a musical artist and performer, an exceptional earner for Mr. Spears (and others) who had a financial interest in making sure she would continue to work and perform.'

Furthermore, the documents break down Spears' financial assets. 

She currently reports $2,730,454 in cash holdings and $57,666,398 in non-cash assets, but that is likely only a portion of her financial portfolio. 

Additionally there are multiple Morgan Stanley accounts listed and her homes are valued at $8,455,483.

A hearing regarding Rubin is set for December 13th and according to the filings Miss Spears plans to personally attend.

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