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British man 'assisting cops' after Czech girlfriend, 25, was found shot dead on roadside in Colombia

A British man is 'assisting police' after his Czech girlfriend was shot dead in Colombia following an argument between the couple at their hotel, according to local reports. 

Anna Tinterova, a 25-year-old nurse originally from Prague, was discovered in a rural area near the town of La Salada, 80 miles south of Medellin in the mountainous Antioquia province.

Police believe she was shot dead at around 7.30pm on Friday in the same spot where her body was found, just a few miles outside the town centre. 

Unconfirmed local reports say her boyfriend, described as a 25-year-old British national, told police he last saw her leaving their holiday apartment after a row.

Anna Tinterova (pictured) , a 25-year-old nurse originally from Prague, was discovered in a rural area near the town of La Salada, 80 miles south of Medellin

Ms Tinterova and her boyfriend are said to have arrived in Medellin, the capital of mountainous Antioquia province, around a month ago

Photos from Ms Tinterova's Facebook page show her enjoying nature

Police chief Gustavo Franco Gomez said: 'We are carrying out interviews and verifying the route this woman had taken moments before she was killed.

'The information we have is that she had spent several weeks in Medellin and the surrounding area but we're in the process of confirming all of this.

'The dead woman's partner has been interviewed and a list of the places they frequented before this crime occurred is being put together.'

He added in the aftermath of the crime: 'The death of this foreign national is shocking and very regrettable.

'Specialist officers have already examined the body at the crime scene and our investigation is continuing.'

The victim is said to have reached Medellin around four weeks ago with her boyfriend.

The killing is the first so far this year involving a foreign national in the municipality of Jardin, where around 20 murders are said to have taken place.

Luis Fernando Quijano, a security expert in Antioquia, told local media: 'Foreign visitors are never informed about the situation in a region like Antioquia.

'They arrive and go sightseeing without being aware of the security situation.

'The murder of this woman opens up a lot of questions about the situation in the south-west of Antioquia which has been a disputed area for some time now.

'It's an area where there's a power struggle going on for control of strategic corridors when it comes to things like drugs trafficking.'

Ms Tinterova with her back to the camera in a Facebook photo. She is originally from Prague where she trained as a nurse

Another security expert in the area added: 'It would be very serious if this murder was the result of a mugging or another type of attack, very serious for the security of Antioquia and the tourist image of the department.'

Anna's body was taken to Medellin late on Saturday ahead of a post-mortem which is already thought to have taken place, although the results have been sent to a judge probing the killing and have not yet been made publicly available.

Her boyfriend is understood to have remained in Jardin.

The town and municipality of the same name, sometimes mistakenly called El Jardin, is in Antioquia's south-west region and is located between the San Juan river and a branch of the Western Andes.

It gets its name, which means 'Garden' in Spanish, from the beauty of the area which when its founders discovered it was a jungle full of white snakewood.

In 2021 it became the second municipality of Antioquia to be named by the Colombian government as a heritage town or Pueblo Patrimonio. 

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