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British Army soldiers try on Hazmat suits and are taught how to apply protective gear

British Army soldiers today tried on Hazmat suits as they were taught how to apply protective gear as they prepare to join the Welsh ambulance service on the coronavirus frontline. 

Service personnel were learning how to use Personal Protective Equipment during training with the North Wales Ambulance Service.

They were pictured donning the gear at Sennybridge Training Camp today as the pandemic continues.  

British Army soldiers are undergoing two days of training to learn how they can defend against Covid-19.

The training package is part of the Government's 20,000-strong coronavirus response force, which has been seen assisting in the building of NHS Nightingale hospital in East London.

Pictured: Soldiers apply the training gear in Mid Wales as the pandemic continues to cause chaos 

Pictured: The Army test out PPE as part of their training in Mid Wales as part of the Government's response force 

North Wales Ambulance personnel are training up the soldiers at Sennybridge Training Camp

Soldiers are pictured testing out the PPE at Sennybridge Training Camp in Mid Wales as part of a two-day programme 

Service personnel are pictured today learning how to defend themselves against the virus while working to combat the crisis 

It comes as the British Medical Association warned that doctors' lives are still being put at risk by a lack of personal protective equipment. 

More than two thirds of doctors (69 per cent) questioned by the union said they do not feel protected while fighting Britain's COVID-19 outbreak.

The snapshot poll of 2,000 medics also found some feel forced to come into face-to-face contact with infected patients without the right equipment. 

And doctors warned that some of the aprons and goggles they are currently relying on to fight the coronavirus crisis is 'useless'. 

A demonstrator today wore a face mask outside of St Thomas' Hospital in London, where Boris Johnson is being treated, and called for more personal protective equipment for NHS staff

The BMA and other doctors' unions have repeatedly warned NHS staff will die unless frontline staff are properly equipped with protective gear.   

Today has been Britain's darkest day yet in its coronavirus crisis with 854 more fatalities confirmed in the past 24 hours, taking the total death toll to 6,227 victims.

A 23-year-old who had no other known health problems was among those who have died, as well as hundreds of others aged up to 102. 29 people, in total, did not have any long-term illnesses before they caught COVID-19.   

NHS England confirmed 758 people have died in its hospitals, with authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland announcing a further 96 between them.    

A soldier is pictured donning protective gear as the service personnel prepare to be deployed as a response force 

Pictured: Service personnel are taught how to wear PPE as part of the battle against the coronavirus 

The death toll is almost double the 437 announced yesterday and marks a new low for Britain in its battle against the epidemic. 

However, experts say reports get delayed over the weekend, meaning numbers appear to start declining on Sunday and Monday but then surge again towards the middle of the next week - for this reason it is better not to pin too much significance to a single day's number, they say. 

As the numbers of people dying has increased, so too have the numbers of past deaths which are being rolled into each day's daily count. 

Some of the fatalities announced each day actually happened up to 10 days earlier but had not been recorded because of paperwork delays. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care in St Thomas' Hospital in London after being transferred there last night.

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