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Brisbane couple rundown and killed by teenage driver while walking dog

A young couple killed when an allegedly drug-affected teenage driver ploughed into them as they walked their dog were just weeks away from welcoming their first child.

Kate Leadbetter was six months pregnant and excited to start a family with her long-term boyfriend Matty Field.

But those dreams were shattered in an instant on Tuesday, when a 17-year-old driver lost control of his Toyota 4WD and struck them at the intersection of Finucane Road and Vienna Drive at Alexandra Hills, in Brisbane.

Ms Leadbetter, 31, and Mr Field, 37, died instantly, while their dog Frankie who they had been walking ran away.

The driver - who cannot be named because he is underage - has been charged with two counts of murder, with Queensland Police still at the scene collecting evidence.

As the couple's family struggles to come to terms with the loss of two lives, plus the unborn child, locals have spent the morning searching for their dog - fearing for his wellbeing. 

Kate Leadbetter (right) was six months pregnant and excited to start a family with her long-term boyfriend Matty Field (left) when they were rundown and killed in Brisbane on Tuesday

Ms Leadbetter, 31, and Mr Field, 37, died instantly, while their dog Frankie who they had been walking ran away

Ms Leadbetter's heartbroken sister Kimberley posted on Facebook asking for help to find Frankie, who is battling a chronic disease.

'Please help us find Frankie. She has Addisons Disease, requires daily medication and is possibly injured; she will be in desperate need of a vet,' she wrote. 

'Frankie was last seen around 5.30pm yesterday at the intersection of Vienna Road and Finucane Road, Alexandra Hills, where her owners were tragically killed whilst walking her.' 

The teenage driver had allegedly been at the wheel of a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser when he hit and killed the couple about 5.30pm on Australia Day. 

He has been charged with two counts of murder, as well as burglary and a number of driving offences. 

The teen is understood to have been on bail over 50 unrelated charges, and high on drugs at the time of the crash.

A woman pays her respects where a young pregnant woman and her partner were allegedly mowed down by a 17-year-old driver high on drugs in a stolen car in Brisbane

The couple were walking their dog when they were struck by an allegedly stolen Toyota LandCruiser, pictured at the scene on Tuesday night

A man and a woman had been walking in Alexandra Hills on Tuesday afternoon around 5.30pm when they were struck and killed by an allegedly stolen Toyota LandCruiser (pictured)

The teen from Waterford West will appear in the Brisbane Children's Court on Wednesday. 

The woman, 31, who was believed to be six months pregnant, and the man, 37, both, from Alexandra Hills, were walking their dogs and never saw the car coming.

Police allege the teenage boy was driving erratically through the intersection on Finucane Road and Vienna Drive when his car smashed into a tow truck. 

Police allege the Toyota rolled across the road straight into the couple, who died at the scene.

The man was killed instantly while desperate attempts from passersby were made to save the woman's life.

Shocked residents visited the scene of the fatal crash on Wednesday to lay flowers

The local community has been rocked by the crash which claimed the lives of two residents. Pictured are distressed locals expressing their grief over the tragedy

This intersection in Alexandra Hills has reopened to traffic after a horrific crash claimed the lives of a man and a woman out walking their dog on Tuesday afternoon 

Witnesses shaken by the crash said a brave pair of men spent close to an hour trying to revive the woman even after ambulances arrived.

The couple's dog Frankie survived but fled in terror and hasn't been seen since, while the other pup was found and taken to the vet with minor injuries.

A local from the shattered community shared a photo of Frankie to social media on Tuesday night, prompting residents to scour the streets trying to find the traumatised animal.

One man said he spent three hours out in the bush with a thermal scope looking for Frankie until 2am, while others searched in their cars into the early hours.

Frankie, who was still missing on Wednesday morning, needs urgent medication for a health condition and residents have been urged to contact policeif they find her.

Witness and local resident Mark Lovorec (pictured on Wednesday morning) has been left shocked and angry by the tragedy

The couple's dog Frankie survived the ordeal but fled the scene in terror and is still missing

The driver allegedly crashed into a silver hatchback just minutes before smashing into the truck in Alexandra Hills (pictured, the footage filmed by a horrified onlooker)

The tragedy rocked the neighbourhood in Brisbane's bayside as shocked witnesses recalled the horrific crash.

Several bouquets of flowers were laid at the crash scene on Wednesday morning, as a number of devastated residents paid their respects.

Local resident Mark Lovorec was on a late afternoon jog when he saw the tragedy unfold.

'I saw the car speed down and two pedestrians were walking the dog and he just slammed straight into them,' he told Sunrise on Wednesday morning.

'A male body has flown over there and the female over the other side. Then the car hit another car and there was a big accident. 

'I looked at the people on the road and they were dead and I was in shock. I looked at them and they were gone.' 

A shattered resident pays his respects the morning after the horrible crash in his local area

Shattered residents visited the crash scene on Wednesday morning to pay their respects to the woman, 31 and man, 37, who died in Tuesday's crash

Local MP Andrew Laming lays flowers at the intersection where a pregnant woman and her partner where killed

Mr Lovorec said the community has been left shocked and angry by the tragedy.

'They are pretty angry, I'm angry. They are local residents, a pregnant woman and her partner,' he said.

'It was horrific and it should not have happened. I am sorry for the loss and everyone is very angry about it.'

Mr Lovorec searched for the missing dog Frankie afterwards but couldn't find him.  

'I went home to my house and told the people what I saw, I was in shock and I just sat down and sat there for a while, I didn't know what to do,' he said 

Another resident Tony Christianson who lives two blocks away heard the crash.

'We heard this terrific noise and we thought somebody had an accident,' he told the Today Show.

His wife Irene added: 'It could have been us. We walk here every day. Sometimes several times a day.' 

The fatal crash has rocked the close-knit community of Alexandra Hills. Pictured are flowers laid at the scene on Wednesday morning

Flower tributes have  been laid at the tragic scene in Brisbane's bayside, where two pedestrians were struck and killed 

Residents visited the scene on Wednesday to pay their respects to the couple killed

Another witness who watched the horror unfold said he desperately tried to resuscitate the woman.

'My wife and I were there at the time. They didn't stand a chance as the car took them out, it's unlikely they even saw the car that hit them,' the man said.

'Sadly I was more than just a witness.'

Another woman said her husband, believed to be an emergency service worker, had also tried to revive the woman and was still in a 'bad way' after the harrowing ordeal.

'My husband worked on the deceased woman for half an hour. Rest in peace,' she said.

Redland division two  councillor Peter Mitchell expressed his sympathies to everyone affected by the tragedy from the family and friends of the victims, the police and paramedics who attended the scene to the witnesses.

Federal MP Andrew Laming (pictured) was among the shocked community members who placed flowers at the scene

A woman lays sunflowers at the growing shrine at the crash scene in Alexandra Hills

The scene of the tragedy was visited by dozens of young families on Wednesday morning

'Let's also remember the family and friends of the charged driver,' Cr Mitchell told Daily Mail Australia.

'There are no winners from any angle and I'm sure the victims' families will rightly be supported by our community and across our community. 

'Please also talk openly about this event, and in addition reflect honestly with friends on our own road use habits, speed, impatience and frustration.'

'I urge drivers to slow down, respect the road and each other.'

Local federal MP Andrew Laming visited the crash scene to pay his respects. 

Police alleged the 17-year-old driver fled the scene before he was arrested nearby and taken to hospital for minor injuries. 

A 17-year-old boy has been charged over a fatal crash in Brisbane on Tuesday afternoon. Pictured are police at the crash scene at a major intersection in Alexandra Hills

Emergency services are seen at the scene at the intersection on Finucane Road and Vienna Drive in Alexandra Hills on Tuesday  

Shocking footage surfaced of the teenager allegedly speeding through an intersection before smashing into another vehicle just 15 minutes before the fatal crash.

Nearby drivers screamed in horror as the Toyota sped through the intersection, attempting to cut off a silver hatchback before crashing into the vehicle's side - only to then speed off into the distance.

The driver, who was wearing sunglasses, had been seen making crude gestures towards other motorists while stopped at the traffic lights before slamming into the hatchback. 

Angela Fleming, who was filming the teenager from behind with her husband Chris then pulled over to check on the hatchback driver and called police.  

'Look, I just saw a hit and run with a guy, we've got it all on the video,' Mrs Fleming can be heard telling a triple-0 operator.

The couple are heard speaking to the driver and occupants in the hatchback after pulling over.

'Are you guys hurt?,' Mrs Fleming asks.

'No but we've got our disabled son in the back of the car,' the driver of the hatchback responds 

The 17-year-old driver of the Toyota LandCruiser was allegedly seen in another wild crash just 15 minutes before the deadly collision (pictured, the teen filmed making rude gestures out of the car window)

The Toyota is seen trying to cut off the hatchback before it smashed into its side (pictured) and sped off

At the start of the footage, the woman was heard discouraging others from laughing at the driver, who she labelled a 'd**khead'. 

She can then be heard screaming in the shocking video as the driver sped off into what was one of two crashes that afternoon - the second proving to be fatal. 

Finucane Road was closed for several hours while investigations continued.

Queensland Ambulance Service said 10 crews arrived at the intersection after the crash. 

Two adults and a child were also assessed but did not need treatment.

Police will allege the Land Cruiser 4WD was stolen from a house in Cleveland about an hour before the crash.

Shortly after the crash, the teen allegedly stole a set of keys from a nearby home in Kingston Avenue and attempted to start a car in the garage. 

'He fled on foot when approached by one of the residents of the house who followed him to Chelsea Crescent where he was arrested, police said.

The man and woman were killed at the same intersection where grandmother Rhonda Lofting, 65, was struck down and killed in 2014.

She was stopped at a red light at the intersection when her car was struck by a stolen vehicle driven by a 40-year-old man.

The driver was charged with manslaughter over her death and sentenced to 11 years' jail. 

The Australia Day tragedy comes after 275 people killed on Queensland roads in 2020, 50 more than in 2019.

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