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Bride-to-be flogs engagement ring online - and jokes she hopes it sells quicker than he lasts in bed

A bride-to-be who tried to flog her engagement ring on Facebook for £200 quipped she hopes it sells quicker than her 'd**khead ex' lasts in bed. 

Alongside two side-by-side photos of the ring, she penned: 'Had it on about 2 weeks. He's a d***head wasn't worth the oxygen hope it sells quicker than he lasted in bed...'

And to her surprise, the mother-of-one woke up to hundreds of messages after her post, which has since been shared over 2, 000 times, went viral.

Abbey Oxley (pictured), 25, from Sheffield, broke up with Steve Harvey, 34, a week ago following a series of rows

Abbey and Steve had been together for a year-and-a- half, and engaged for six months (pictured together) 

The mother-of-one joked how she hopes her engagement ring lasts longer than her ex lasted in bed. The post has since been shared over 2, 000 times (pictured)

While many have been left amused by the post, some have even tried to bag themselves a bargain and have made an offer on the ring.  

'We'd been having an argument and the relationship was rocky anyway and I just thought "I've had enough'"so I posted the ad,' she said, speaking to The Sun. 

'Within minutes it was shooting off with people messaging me and bidding over the ring. I can't believe it.

'I'd had enough of all the arguing so was like 'f**k it, might as well make something from this'.

Abbey (pictured) told how she hopes the offers she's had on the engagement ring are genuine because she wants to treat herself to a spa day with the money

Abbey (pictured) and Steve hadn't booked a date for their big day, but had started visiting potential wedding venues together

Abbey went on to say how she hopes the offers she's received are genuine as she's planning on spending the money on a spa day for herself. 

The witty mother was in a relationship with Steve for a year-and-a- half, and they had been engaged for six months.

They hadn't booked a date for their big day, but had started visiting potential wedding venues together. 

When the publication contacted Steve, he said he wasn't 'really bothered' about the post.

He added: 'She is a bit of a cheeky b***h though with that comment about me not lasting long in bed.

'She knows I'm the best s**g she's ever had.'

'You kill me off. Stop it, just stop,' wrote one, while a second penned: 'Abbey - creasing at this!'

A third added: 'You're funny love,' while a fourth commented: 'That's the Abbey I know!'  

Many showed their appreciation of Abbey's post on Facebook. 'You're funny love,' wrote one, while a second penned: 'You kill me off! Stop it. Just stop!' 

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