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Bride gets slammed for surprising her guests with a choreographed dance to WAP at her wedding

A bride divided opinion with her surprise wedding reception dance routine to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's raunchy hit song WAP.

The bride, from the US, originally posted a video of the sexy routine on TikTok, which was later shared in the That's It, I'm Wedding shaming (non ban-happy edition) on Facebook. 

The short clip saw the newlywed and her bridesmaids getting down to the raunchy summer hit, striking suggestive poses in her wedding dress. 

While some said they had no problem with the decision, others said the bride had surely given her grandmother a heart attack.  

This American bride divided opinion with her surprise wedding reception dance routine to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's raunchy hit song WAP (pictured) 

While some said the bride liked decorum and was not 'classy' other loved that she used the daring song for her wedding

In the video, guests applauded and screamed in excitement as the bride and her wedding party threw themselves to the floor in their full length gowns, while the chorus of the rap hit started playing. 

The group then start to recreate the dance moves from the WAP video, arching their backs, pounding the floor with their fists and rolling around.   

The video was too provocative for some, with one Facebook user posting: 'Cause humping the floor in your wedding dress is way classy.'

Other joked it would be enough to send elderly relatives to an early grave. 

One said:  'Was she trying to give her grandmother a heart attack so she'd die a quicker death than covid.'

The bridal party recreated the choreography from the WAP music video, twerking (left) and pounding the floor with their first (right)

Some skeptical viewers joked the raunchy routine would be enough to send grandma to an early grave

But not everyone was dead against the performance, with some saying the bride should have walked down the aisle to the raunchy tune.  

'See, we could have entered to this song,' one said. 

'Honestly, I stan any time a woman gets down to this song. Maybe it’s the aggressive feminist in me. Maybe it’s the bisexual in me, idk, I ain’t complaining. Anyway, the only thing that could make me love this more would be if it was remixed with the bridal procession march,' said another.   

'My husband is damn lucky this song came after the wedding,' said another, while one simply wrote: 'I’m here for it' 

'I’ll give them this doin all that in those dresses ain’t easy.' said one. 

It seemed the video also inspired other bridal parties to pull the same stunt, with one person tagging their friends and saying: 'If you don't do this, I'll be disappointed.'

However others loved the idea - and said they even want to recreate it at their own wedding 

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