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Bricklayer who 'lives in fear' of 'demon seagull' films the squawking bird attacking him

A bricklayer 'lives in fear' of an aggressive seagull who nests in his chimney, as the angry bird swoops down to attack him every single day. 

Calum Gow, from Clydebank in Glasgow, says he has been at the mercy of the 'demon' seagull for weeks, after it started living on top of his roof.

The 25-year-old and his family are forced to 'run away' from the vicious bird every day as it tries to bite them when they come near the house.

Calum filmed his latest standoff with his new enemy, sharing the hilarious footage on Twitter on Wednesday.

Calum Gow, 25, is forced to 'run away' from a vicious seagull that lives on his roof in Clydebank, Glasgow, as it swoops down and tries to bite him as he leaves his car every day

In the video Calum hides in his car, dreading his short walk towards his house as he knows he will have to face his winged adversary.

He eyes up the bird waiting for him on the chimney and tries to avoid the inevitable attack as the seagull readies itself.

He says: 'Wait man. This isn't funny anymore.

'F***** big thing is just waiting on that chimney, waiting on me to get out the motor so it can f****** swoop down on us.

'F****** daftie man.'

He finally decides pluck up the courage to leave his car and try to catch the aggressive bird on camera whilst making a dash for the house.

He fumbles with his keys and jumps out of his car quickly, speed-walking towards the door to try and pass by unnoticed. 

But as soon as he reaches the middle of the road, the seagull can be heard squawking angrily overhead. 

As Calum gets closer, the seagull swoops down on him and Calum exclaims: 'F** off you f****.' 

As soon as Calum plucks up the courage to leave his car, the bird squawks angrily and dives on Calum, narrowly missing both his head and the camera in the attack

Calum makes a speedy dash for his front door after the seagull tried to bite him. He even exclaims that the sneaky bird 'came in the house' as he shelters safely indoors

The bird dives directly at the camera and narrowly misses Calum's head as it tries to stop him from coming any closer to the house.

Calum then sprints to his door and can be heard hysterically laughing, saying: 'Oh my god that f****** came in the house.' 

After escaping unharmed, Calum shared the clip on Twitter, writing: 'Coronavirus has been bad and all that. But, have you had to live in fear about going into your own house because of a seagull?' 

Michelle Grant, a resident on the same street as Calum, said: 'We have the demon gulls here. Can hear them squawking all hours.'

The video, which has now been seen over 300,000 times and has more than 17,000 likes, has had social media users in hysterics. 

@MarinoGiorgetti said: 'Mate, I go running in Rothesay and this happens when I pass houses they nest in. My tip, when it's swooping at you put your arms out as if you are a bird and it aborts the attack.' 

Calum (above) shared the video of his standoff with an aggressive seagull on Twitter, where social media users were in stitches after watching the 'demon' bird 

And @AsmrMuzz added: 'Scottish seagulls mate honestly.

'They'll follow ye and swoop doon and attack, just to get a bite of your kebab on the way home from the pub on a Friday night.'

But Calum still manages to see the funny side of his daily encounters with the vicious bird that refuses to leave his house.

He said: 'It's probably been swooping on us for two weeks.

'It was going for my brother to start with and then I saw me with him and I was getting it as well.

'It goes for anyone who walks past. It was probably about a foot away from my head and I just ran and laughed.

'I wouldn't say it's scary. It's more funny than anything because you have to run away from it.'

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