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Bread spiked with metal staples found at dog walking spot

A warning has been issued to dog owners in Nottinghamshire after bread laced with staples was found left behind in a park.

The discovery was made by a dog walker at Lenton Recreation Ground on Sunday.

The bread has been removed from the park, but there are concerns more could be left at the location which would be harmful to any dogs who may find it.

Nottingham City Stray Dogs posted online: 'Please use caution when walking your dogs at Lenton Recreation ground/Lenton Boulevard side.

A dog walker has warned others about their pets' safety after finding bread laced with staples while passing through Lenton Recreation Ground in Nottingham

'Dog Walker has found bread with pins embedded. The bread has been removed but there could be more left.'

A picture taken of the bread shows what appears to be staples left in it and it has been widely shared online as a warning to anyone who may walk their dogs in the area. 

It has been suggested the slice could have been stapled to a tree in the park as part of a bizarre Reddit trend where users post photos of bread attached to trees.

Nottingham City Stray Dogs posted online: 'Please use caution when walking your dogs at Lenton Recreation ground/Lenton Boulevard side'

Lenton Drives and Neighbours Residents' Association posted on Twitter: 'There are some evil individuals out there - dog owners beware. Please share.

A lot of people expressed concern after seeing it had been found at such a popular dog walking spot.

'I just don't get it,' one wrote. 'Staples, pins - put it into something edible and consequences will happen.'

It comes days after booby-trapped sausage rolls containing lethal 10cm spikes were found by a dog walker in a Basingstoke park

It comes after another dog walker in Basingstoke found two sausage rolls booby-trapped with long metal spikes in a popular park.

Mother Tracy Hook posted photos of meat products online to warn others after her 17-year-old son spotted them on a pathway.

'It's such a lovely area and I regularly use it,' said the 43-year-old. 'It just amazes me that somebody would want to be that cruel.'

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