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Boy's pet lizard tries to catch flies on a game on his phone after mistaking them for real insects 

A tiny pet lizard put its bug-catching skills to the test playing a game on its owner's phone. 

The reptile, from Kokomo, Indiana, used its quick reactions to virtually splat nearly every bug on the screen except a small ant which managed to scurry away. 

The lizard's owner Tyler first realised his pet Luna was interested in his screen when she would spend hours staring at it.  

Pet lizard Luna was filmed playing on her owner Tyler's phone in Kokomo, Indiana

Tyler then had the clever idea of placing his phone inside Luna's tank to see how she reacted and to keep her entertained. 

She stares at the screen and pays close attention to the bugs which crawl across the it and quickly jabbing them with her tongue. 

In the video, recorded in January last year, her fun is short lived as an advert pops up on the screen and interrupts her game.

Her family said they 'got a kick' out of watching their beloved pet playing on the phone. 

Her owner decided to put his phone inside her tank as he realised the lizard would spend hours at a time staring at the screen

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