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Borat and daughter (strapped to truck roof) found by Georgia cops

When two Georgia cops came across a familiar-looking man with a bushy black mustache wearing a grey suit, sitting in a pickup truck with a woman strapped into a car seat on the roof, they suspected they may have come across one of Borat Sagdiyev's signature pranks. 

The hilarious encounter took place back in January on Main Street in the Atlanta suburb of Lilburn and was captured on a police body camera video. 

A portion of the interaction between the world-famous fake Kazakh journalist, as played by Sacha Baron Cohen, and the two shrewd cops is featured in the new comedy Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, now available on Amazon Prime.  

A screenshot from a trailer for Borat 2 captures two Lilburn, Georgia, police officers questioning Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat Sagdiyev 

Cohen is seen in the trailer sitting behind the wheel of a yellow pickup truck parked on Main Street in the Lilburn suburb of Atlanta 

Two officers responded to the scene after getting an anonymous 911 call about a suspicious person, and found the pickup truck with a horse trailer hitched to the back 

A young woman was strapped into a car seat perched atop the cab of the pickup truck 

Cohen handed the officer a sheet of paper and said, referring to his fake daughter sitting on the roof, 'I have this owner’s certificate that proves that she’s one of my properties'

Cohen's much-anticipated sequel to his raunchy 2006 breakout hit, Borat, has caused a stir this week by featuring a scene that shows President Donald Trump's senior aide Rudy Giuliani in a compromising position on a hotel room bed with an actress playing Borat's 15-year-old daughter, Tutar.

The body camera footage from Georgia, first obtained by The Smoking Gun, also features Maria Bakalova, 24, portraying Borat's offspring, who is seen casually perched atop the cab of a yellow pickup truck, with an empty horse trailer hitched to the back. 

According to an incident report, shenanigans ensued when an anonymous caller contacted the police on the afternoon of January 27 to report a suspicious person.

Officers Alvey Lamb and Daniel Bride who responded to the scene approached the parked vehicle, which had no key in the ignition, and apparently recognized the 49-year-old British actor in his Borat costume but kept up the charade for the next 13 minutes. 

Officer Daniel Bride is seen questioning Cohen-as-Borat about the woman on the roof

Actress Maria Bakalova, 24, portrays Borat Sagdiyev's 15-year-old daughter in the new film 

In the video recorded by Lamb's camera, his partner was seen questioning Cohen, who told him, 'I’m new here in this town.' Bride's body camera recording was unavailable. 

When asked for his identification, the actor handed Bride a sheet of paper and said, referring to his pretend-daughter strapped into a child's car seat on the roof, 'I have this owner’s certificate that proves that she’s one of my properties.' 

While Lamb was running the license plates on the pickup truck and trailer, Bride asked Cohen to see a driver's license, or 'something that's got your name on it in English.' 

Cohen asked the officer, 'What is problem, officer?' to which Bridge replied, 'Well, one, you got somebody that’s strapped to the top of your car. Do you think that’s a little odd?'

While it is hard to make out Cohen's response from the body camera video, in the trailer for the film Borat informs the cops: 'only men and bears are allowed inside car.' 

Cohen later handed Bride a seemingly fake California driver's license bearing the name 'Peter.' 

Officer Alvey Lamb asked this passerby if he was the one who called 911, and then told him the man in the truck looks and speaks like Borat

The officers are seen examining Cohen's apparently fake California driver's license, which identifies him as a native of Uzbekistan 

'Peter's your first name?' Bride asked the mustachioed prankster, who replied after a pause, 'Yes.'  

After taking a look at the beat-up vehicle carrying some leather luggage in the bed of the truck, Lamb opined that the woman sitting silently on the roof must have not been up there for long because the car seat was not 'strapped in very good.' 

Lamb then jokingly invoked the classic 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, informing his partner: 'You know, at least when the Clampetts went to Beverly, they strapped granny down pretty good.'

Bride, meanwhile, continued questioning Cohen, asking him what month and year it was. 

'What year is it? In my country or yours?' the comic retorted. 

Cohen's new comedy, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,  is now available on Amazon Prime

Cohen, 49, reprises his role as the notorious Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev, whom he first introduced to the world in 2006  

Asked about the age of the woman on the roof, Cohen said she was '212 moons' old.

As Bride continued his exchange with Cohen, Lamb crossed the street after spotting a man taking a picture of the scene, and asked him if he was the one who called 911.

The passerby replied that he did not make the report, and that he has never seen the yellow truck before in the area.

'I'm guessing somebody's around here with a camera, filming, because the dude sitting in the truck looks like Borat, and is talking like Borat, and all that other good stuff,' Lamb explained, adding, 'somebody's goofing off.'

In the sequel, Cohen stars opposite Maria Bakalova, 24, (left) the Bulgarian actress who has been plucked from obscurity to play Borat's daughter, Tutar 

When lamb returned to the truck, Bride handed him Cohen's bogus ID card and said the driver claimed he was from Uzbekistan.

'You know what this is, don't you,' Lamb told his partner with a chuckle. 'Dude, there is a camera around here and I’m not talking about the one on our chest... I didn’t sign no waiver or nothing like that. I ain’t getting paid for it.'

Bride then wondered aloud what language they speak in Uzbekistan, to which Lamb retorted with a laugh: 'I speak two languages: English [and] redneck.'

He then light-heartedly dismissed the entire episode, noting: 'there's no key in the ignition. I don't care.'

Bride walked back to the vehicle and asked Cohen, 'How long is she going to sit on the truck?' 

Cohen responded, saying: 'Officer, I followed the law. I did not feed her an onion.' He then told Bride, 'Not that I’m trying to bribe you, but I have a potato here.'

Before parting ways, Bride told Cohen that his female passenger had to come off the roof.

Lamb pointed out that she could legally ride in the bed of the truck, saying,' 212 moons... that's over 18, isn't it?'

A police call log offered a brief summary of the incident, stating: 'driver is dressed as Borat claiming to be from Uzbekistan. Driver has valid California driver’s license doesn't display any mental issues knows date and year. female sitting on top of vehicle did not speak, appears to be come sort of prank or hidden camera show.'

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