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Borat 2 trailer reveals moment Sacha Baron Cohen crashes CPAC dressed as Trump

The hilarious trailer to Borat 2 released Thursday reveals Sacha Baron Cohen was the Trump impersonator who crashed Mike Pence’s CPAC speech.

The film follows Kazakhstani character Borat Sagdiyev's journey to the US where he wears a fat suit and a Donald Trump face mask and bursts his way into the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference convention in February.

Baron Cohen is seen carrying his daughter in the film over his shoulder and shouts to Pence: 'Michael Pennis I’ve brought the girl for you!'

The hilarious trailer to Borat 2 released Thursday reveals Sacha Baron Cohen was the Trump impersonator who crashed Mike Pence’s CPAC speech in February. Baron Cohen pictured in a Trump mask and suit with his daughter in the movie over his shoulder shouting, 'Michael Pennis I’ve brought the girl for you!'

Pence is seen giving Baron Cohen an angry glare for the interruption, about ten minutes into his speech at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland

At the time of the outburst no one knew who the impersonator who crashed the convention was. Baron Cohen pictured wearing a Trump mask and suit in his grand entrance

At the time the outburst made headlines and the impersonator was escorted out of the conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland after shouting about ten minutes into the speech about Trump. 

Only now it’s revealed that Baron Cohen was the person behind the Trump costume.

In the sequel Borat seeks to gift his daughter to 'someone close to the throne' in the Trump administration, likely meaning Pence in the chaotic scene.

And the CPAC outburst isn’t Baron Cohen’s sole foray into politics in the film.

Borat pictured dressing up as Trump for his political prank in the film 

Borat pictured putting on his Trump mask complete with a blonde wig for his outburst

Pence continued his speech at the convention despite the prank and police escorted Baron Cohen off the premises

Baron Cohen was filmed back in July at a far-right rally getting attendees to sing along to a song about wanting to inject people like Dr. Anthony Fauci with coronavirus.

Former New York Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said in July he called the police after Baron Cohen tried to prank him.

Throughout much of the trailer the actor pokes fun at the coronavirus pandemic and Republican voters and politicians. 

Other highlights from the trailer show Borat decide to get a disguise after realizing he’s too recognizable and purchase a fat suit saying, 'I take this to be fat like American man.'

Looking at other outfits on display Borat asks if Harry Potter is a is 'a sex offender'.

Borat later asks a stranger outside a store if he can quarantine with them during the coronavirus lockdown crisis.

In the trailer Borat travels to the US and purchases a fat suit, saying: 'I take this to be fat like American man.'

Elsewhere during the trailer, the character decides to get a disguise after he is too recognizable to the public and he goes to a costume shop, where he asks if Harry Potter is a 'sex offender' 

Ahem!  Prior to the trailer release, Sacha posed for an extremely risqué poster for the upcoming Borat 2 movie, ahead of its release on October 23 on Amazon Prime

Wearing a thong at the man's home and dancing, Borat asks: 'What's more dangerous... this virus or democrats?' to which the person and his friend both reply: 'Democrats!'

Borat then tries to kill the coronavirus with a hammer on the wall, to which the man explains you 'can't see it' and instead encourages him to spray Covid with an anti-bac spray.

The second Borat movie entitled The Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was filmed in secret and is set to be released by Amazon on October 23, less than two weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Playing with poltics is a recurring theme in the comedian’s work.

His 2018 show This is America sees him play different characters and trick political names including former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, and former Republican Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh. 

His pranks led Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer to resign after Cohen tricked him into shouting the n-word and exposing his buttocks in a fake counter-terrorism training exercise. 

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