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Book your MOT now as the lockdown amnesty ends

A six-month extension to MOT certificates introduced in lockdown will be axed at the end of this month, but this will still leave many vehicles too dangerous to drive, advisers say.

More than nine million cars have faults, according to research by the comparison website GoCompare. Because of the extension, faults such as worn tyres and brake problems, usually spotted in the annual test, have gone unnoticed so some vehicles are now dangerous.

Anyone who has a vehicle whose MOT expires after July 31 will now have to get it tested on or before the expiry date to avoid driving it illegally – and invalidating their insurance. But if their expiry date falls between March 30 and July 31, they can still take advantage of the six-month extension.

More than nine million cars have faults, according to research by GoCompare

For example, if a certificate expires in July, you have until January to get the vehicle passed.

Yet experts say this is a false economy and, with a surge of drivers expected back on the road, this month is a good time to get tested. Lee Griffin, founder of GoCompare, says: 'With millions of cars not tested for over a year there will be faults picked up on a routine MOT that if left undetected could lead to the car breaking down or causing danger. It is prudent to get your car looked at now.'

GoCompare found that almost a third of motorists knew their car needed repairing. A third of cars fail their MOT, with one in ten failures due to dangerous defects.

Even if your car has a valid MOT – with or without an extension – you can be hit with a £2,500 fine and have three points put on your driving licence if the vehicle is deemed to be in a 'dangerous' condition.

You can receive a £1,000 fine for driving a car without a valid MOT. 

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