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Bon appétit! Diners share the hilarious snaps of the moment requests were executed VERY literally

If you've ever had instructions for how you like your meal cooked at a restaurant misinterpreted, these photos will be extremely relatable.

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of hilarious snaps that have gone viral on social media after being posted by amused diners around the world.  

Many of the images show people who were given a huge amount of their favourite ingredient because they asked for a little bit extra.

One woman was given a whole chicken on her pizza at an eatery in Israel, while another was served with a sandwich covered in pickles at a Subway restaurant.  

Bon appétit! Bored Panda rounded up a selection of hilarious viral images of people who've received their exact order at restaurants around the world, including a woman in Israel that was given a whole chicken on her pizza (pictured) 

A woman who asked for sour cream on the side at a branch of Taco Bell was amused after the chef placed the dip on the taco instead of in a separate pot 

Zingy! A bar in Florida served a gin and tonic with seven slices of lime because a customer asked for extra pieces of the fruit with their drink 

Another individual, believed to be from the US, was served a shot of espresso in a cup placed inside a larger cup filled with ice 

One little boy, believed to be from the US, was told by his parents that he was only allowed one doughnut - and strategically ordered the largest available from Brown's Bakery  

A customer at Subway, from an unknown location, was amused to be served a sandwich covered in pickles after asking for a few extra on their online order 

Quick bite! A British customer who accidentally ordered a one inch pizza instead of 12 inch, was amused to receive a tiny pepperoni meal 

Another person, whose location is unknown, struggled to see the other ingredients on their pizza after requesting extra pepperoni on their order 

An American Burger King customer was given two burgers with an innumerable amount of meat because they requested 'two stackers with as many meat patties as physically possible'

Elsewhere a request for two cheese and one pepperoni led to one pizza that has a single slice of pepperoni 

Egg-cellent! One customer in Tokyo, Japan was stunned to receive a bowl overflowing with eggs after asking for a few extra in their meal 

One person said they weren't disappointed after leaving instructions to the chef for a 'Super Extra Mega Poppy seed crust' 

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